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    happy birthday rayn

    you still spell ur nick wrong
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    how do you get andrew to respond to your emails when they're related to tribes? i sent couple of emails months ago, he only responded with "how can i help you" and then stopped. :( :cry: :mecry:
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    Darkpiss sucks dicks

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    We r back

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    [I don't have it] Tribes Extreme: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

    So you probably know about canceled expansion pack Tribes Extreme, but did you know there was a Prima's Official Strategy Guide about it? It was written by Joel Durham, but it was never published because expansion pack got canceled. So we cannot buy it or get it on the internet (not even if we...
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    Home works with opengl - tribes along with Direct3D 8, 9, 10, 11 for any other game you might want 2 enhance. there are 2 packages to download, Shader Framework already includes SweetFX shader suite along with CustomFX, GemFX, McFX all in neat clean GUI so you don't have to edit values in...
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    y dont all server whitelist models?

    lemon has been warning you for a long time now about model hacks taht dont even require any special knowledge just renaming models. YOU DONT EVEN NEED PERMAIFF TO SEE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. NO INJECTIONS! ppl have been flying under the radar with this stuff for a long time and no1 bothered to...
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    tribe issue

    my game seems 2 slow down and speed up randomly. :confused: pls help
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    come 2 arghs

    :phone: les get td going we got 3 players :phone:
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    Good guy Shawn

    Concept art by starsiege: tribes art director Shawn Sharp, he gave me permission to share this stuff with you. alien casting magic aliens and monsters, Shawn at first envisioned the game with "gothic, horror, steampunk" touch alien race, but they couldn't get good AI to work, so they had to...
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    What software do TW PC tech pros use?

    i want opinion from experienced pc tech pros that are very familair and tested a lot of software for windows, like real shit not most of these rigged contest software and spywares - registry cleaner, optimizer, defrag, compressing - defragging HDD + SSD - Updating outdated drivers -...
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    late nite lt

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    tribes legacy demos

    i'd really appreciate if some1 has tribes legacy demos from any perspective. Dutch already shared his Team7vsTeam3_RD_Dutch.rec ty god bless
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    Tribe job opportunity :rofl:
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    Netset settings

    I want 2 try netset but i don't know the general settings for specific ping. Are values proportional across all pings? is there something like a chart of optimal values? Also is there somekind of script that reads ping from server and adjusts the values accordingly (something like simple if...
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    What happened to master server?

    Servers are not showing up. Jb-cAJRZrlA
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    Can you really make money testing video games?

    Hi. I'll keep this short because I know you're probably busy. There is this new website out that has proof of how a single, in debt dad, turned his life around and is now making good money by simply testing video games before they are released publicly. Check it out!
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    autojump interval for v1.4(1)

    is there command to set autojump frequency? Ty
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    latest tribe survey

    What aspect ratio do you use for playing tribe? a vote will earn u 10 tribes gold on your tw account.