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Vanster 06-06-2021 14:39

It's actually pretty good.

You can see Havax and me getting along, then fighting, then getting along. Sehvi and me talking about Holland probably gets dull for others, but there's even video game and other kinds of talk. Havax actually dropped a link to a dark theme for whatever browser you have. Very excite.

sehvi 06-07-2021 02:57

Yeah havax is really growing as a person. Love it.

sehvi 06-07-2021 04:08

Flash 06-08-2021 17:21

Updated link?

sehvi 06-08-2021 17:40

dunno if this one still works

vamp 06-08-2021 19:43


Plasmatic 06-10-2021 02:19


Originally Posted by vamp (Post 19343271)


Odio 06-11-2021 06:51

pedodemus rage quit because d4m wouldn't leave :lol:

what a ******.

sehvi 06-11-2021 09:33

both havax en nico melting down within 24 hours of each other

they must be on their period :(

Nicodemus 06-14-2021 08:08

if you're banned in tw it's for a reason. tw is the loosest forum on the planet. people have done vile **** here and still exist. if you're banned you should not exist on any of it's platforms. I understand discord isn't "official" tw but whoever runs it should run it as so.

Sorry that you think otherwise.

sehvi 06-14-2021 08:09

you should have ops in the tw discord imo

slush as well

Nicodemus 06-14-2021 08:12

I don't even want to be in it anymore. At all. You're all ****in dumb.

And it proves it with your slush recommendation

sehvi 06-14-2021 08:17

we get it's a difficult month for you but you need to understand that we can help you get through it

Nicodemus 06-14-2021 08:46

Okay if you want to understand this month then i'm not in the channel and you've all let dongmaster back in. There you go. Pride month.

Enjoy your content.

sehvi 06-14-2021 09:48

D4 is still banned from TW just sayin'

Osmethae 06-14-2021 12:56

the last time slush had ops in discord he mass banned everyone

good joke

Edofnor 06-14-2021 14:42

tbh i like that gg slush

sehvi 06-14-2021 15:12


Originally Posted by Osmethae (Post 19345356)
the last time slush had ops in discord he mass banned everyone

good joke

yet i believe he deserves another chance

bowl of blood 06-15-2021 09:14

hey fatboys suck my dick

Zanthious 06-15-2021 09:14

dude this is soo easy its ****ing sad haha

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