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earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 06:27

need I say more?

earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 06:29


Originally Posted by ChocoTaco (Post 18858313)

Get your medication sorted out and get back with us.

earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 06:31


Originally Posted by ChocoTaco (Post 18858241)

Don't **** a brick, and say I am following you around, if I purchase a property near you...

I was there long before you and have family in the area.


earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 06:32


Originally Posted by ChocoTaco (Post 18858324)
Wherever this guy goes. He's cancer. I will leave these forums before I ever subject myself to the lies and abuse of this person.

He was **** in 2001, and he is still **** today.

looks like someone, needs to get their medication adjusted.

earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 06:33


Originally Posted by GreyGhost (Post 18858252)


earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 06:35


Originally Posted by ChocoTaco (Post 18858314)

you go boy... :fight:

earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 06:37


Originally Posted by Groove (Post 18858244)
im posting a 14th time cuz 13 is an unlucky number and my name was right beside flipp on the list and i dont want to catch whatever ebolaids that kid had

are we too believe anything you say?


~dickschnitzel~ 11-19-2017 06:39

shut the **** up retard

earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 06:40


Originally Posted by ChocoTaco (Post 18858326)
This guy has been going at it for months! He's a garbage player, and a garbage human being. He finally got banned, under his own reckoning! And still blames other people! Its astounding! I've giving him almost every chance, taken his godawful bullcrap. And this idiot, still, for whatever reason just cannot chill. What a stupid person. He never takes responsibility for his own actions! Its just astounding!

okay ChocoTaco, you posted lot of dribble....

Though you left out the one thing, we asked of you?

Who all did I scam and steal passwords and hack and all that other **** you accused me of doing?

you can try and dilute the thread all you want, as i am already preparing the new thread with synopsis.


earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 07:17

Star was **** and earth is retard powerhungry autistic magalomaniac by ChocoTaco - TribalWar Forums

you left out this thread:


Originally Posted by ChocoTaco (Post 18838606)
So, earth. Went out of way to defame me I thought I'd return the favor.

Earth is a megalomaniac. He's power hungry. He cannot allow others to thrive without his intervention. He sucks at the game, he sucks at leadership and is held responsible by many for ruining the game and being apart of the twl debacle.

Why is this stupid person still around? No one knows. No one seems to like him, but here he is. Pushing his dumb agenda. Or whatever his dumb agenda is. For a tribe no one cares about. Everyone I know thought it was stupid but idk.

I wanted to make a thread for people to express their displeasure in this persons behavior in hopes that someday he'll realize what he's doing so we can all get on with our lives.
And possibly make the game great again.


Originally Posted by earthinhabitant (Post 18838607)

ChocoTaco 11-19-2017 07:24

I'm not sure if that's helping your cause

~dickschnitzel~ 11-19-2017 07:46

y u mad tho?

earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 07:54


Originally Posted by ChocoTaco (Post 18858358)
I'm not sure if that's helping your cause

You took care of that, for me.


earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 08:01


Originally Posted by ~dickschnitzel~ (Post 18858359)
y u mad tho?

presume you are asking chocotaco, after his spamfit....

Notice, he tends to go exaggerator mode, when he cannot produce?

Asked for one person who is claiming that I scammed them, or stole their passwords, hacked them or did anything mischievous, that he has accused me of doing.....

What do we get? Just more rhetoric off spine, and no need to state, what it takes to make a man, Arcadotormund the bear****er, anti, and anyone else who accused me of scamming or anything else, that is not true and cannot admit it...

Go ahead and accuse me of anything you want, just goes to show, how low you can go.

Same kind of childish boy conduct, that cannot admit they are wrong and at least pass the blame off on mistcansashimi, who been the root of the lies.

~dickschnitzel~ 11-19-2017 08:03

i was asking you

AnubiS 11-19-2017 08:06


earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 08:12

p.s. you can call me a link **** poster, spammer, all day and night...if that is what you are claiming, I was banned for...though one only needs to look who was doing just as much, and anti and tormunarcado, etc...carrying on a spamfest, after i got banned and talking about watching porno and recommendation on best tv to watch child freedom of speech is okay with me...though when anti and tor and harambo, the admin start lying about me and ban me..

Might be more to the picture than originally thought...

Maybe antifreeze did get his security clearance with help of Arcadus/tormund. (see tag link)

Maybe they are in sexual relations. (Review thread for discord chat log or go to discord and see for yourself)

Tormund/arcadus has not denied any of maybe he is honest, though not man enough to own up to being wrong.

Since anti deleted the conversation in discord, and claimed I was a scammer too.

Where is that spineless **** head liar scammer?


earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 08:13


Originally Posted by ~dickschnitzel~ (Post 18858367)
i was asking you

well, if this is me being mad, then i better see about some anger improvement management training.


earthinhabitant 11-19-2017 08:14


Originally Posted by AnubiS (Post 18858370)

:ban: someone better warn odio he may be next...
think he may be over 30

Zanthious 11-19-2017 08:16

ur not helping ur cause bro

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