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Edofnor 08-07-2021 21:03

vanster's back

Edofnor 08-07-2021 21:04

bring a friend

Edofnor 08-07-2021 21:04

guess who's back

Edofnor 08-07-2021 21:04

guess who's back

Edofnor 08-07-2021 21:05

guess who's back

Groove 08-07-2021 21:07

ive created a monster

Vanster 08-07-2021 23:15

Dutch channel only. Peace.

bowl of blood 08-08-2021 01:13

hi every1
just wanted 2 let u kno we're currently sponsoring a members drive on the discord
out goal is to reach 1 member from each of the 50 states of america
so far we have common type states like californi and texas but alaska, arkansas, delaware, and many others are still out there!

if you think you come from a rare and unusual state then please we're all waiting for u!!!
n if ur from canada dont worry well assign u to the closest border or even a 'migration' state of ur own choosing if i can negotiate the mods to do this

MiNiOn 08-08-2021 09:23


T-Dawg 08-08-2021 10:16


epidemic 08-09-2021 12:30

discord moderator Fool was recently fired due to reports of maliciously banning ppl from discord for no reason

if u have been affected by this pls be aware his bans have been removed and u r free 2 return

Zanthious 08-09-2021 16:58

Fool also said if he finds non whites on these forums hes going to ****ing mcLose it.

MiNiOn 08-10-2021 04:13


Originally Posted by Groove (Post 19365069)
ive created a monster


wtf eat apples 09-07-2021 23:18

nico is one of my best friends

Nicodemus 09-08-2021 05:09

No, no I'm not. I do not associate with you in any way, shape or form. You are on none of my friends lists in any form and I couldn't care less about you. I do not identify with you at all. Nor would I ever.

MiNiOn 09-08-2021 23:09


Originally Posted by Nicodemus (Post 19375846)
I actually really do like you apples.

sehvi 09-09-2021 08:20


bowl of blood 09-09-2021 21:12

ur on NONE of my friends lists thats 0

Nicodemus 09-10-2021 05:15

I meme but you're all ******s in my eyes and I'll give you a non meme opinion. If you think slush is a person who should be in there you have more problems than he does in life. And that's saying a lot.

Do not join the TW discord. Even if you think what I'm saying is wrong. It'll only prove me right.

It's a ****hole full of the ****tiest people on tw that aren't funny and wish they were there back in the mIRC days when the TWIrc was a thing and it was hype af.

LGBR 09-10-2021 05:47

nico never played tribes btw

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