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~dickschnitzel~ 11-06-2016 16:26

shut up togo

Captain Tele 11-06-2016 16:31


Originally Posted by cogzinofa (Post 18667409)
this is for u hillary supporters.

best video of the week imo

guy was the pre act before bernie

so that bernie could get up on stage and either sell out.......or do his lords bidding so he can live another day without an "accident"

only this kid berned the crowd so hard they pulled him off stage so that what they were really selling the public could commence again

at least this kid has values.......more than i can say for any HRC voter....more than i can even say for bernie

maybe they filmed him diddling......use that as leverage against him. only thing that could explain this behavior

mjoe 11-06-2016 16:33

comey folds again

Captain Tele 11-06-2016 16:36


Originally Posted by Milk-Man (Post 18667515)
I think at this point our only hope is for good intentioned aliens to intervene

or even bad ones....i don't care anymore

where the hell them pacific rim creatures at when we need them?

havax 11-06-2016 16:37


Originally Posted by mjoe (Post 18667586)

**** man, obama and lynch got to them again. we are all so ****ed. looks like they are going to force wikileaks to release the info worldwide. civil war is about to ensue. good luck, everyone.

Captain Tele 11-06-2016 16:45


Originally Posted by mjoe (Post 18667586)

Clinton Foundation Admits It Broke The Law In Leaked "Smoking Gun" Memo

Doug Band Accuses Chelsea Of Using Clinton Foundation Money To Pay For Her Wedding

amazing discovery considering even the clinton foundation and lawyer fighting with chelsea in TYT video have all spilled the beans on illegal activity in past 48 hours.

i mean fbi looking like it needs its own swamp drained

****ing incompetent/dishonest twats

Stealth 11-06-2016 16:47

I think Assange said the most damaging emails have already been released, which doesn't seem like it was enough to affect the outcome of the election. The Comey letter will probably give her the boost she needs to win tomorrow.

gOOse 11-06-2016 16:50

Well they killed that fbi guy and his wife then burnt the place down. It doesnt matter if THAT guy did or said or will say anything. It was to send a message, message received. It was probably someone they knew they didnt like already. Podesta Emails show their thought process on this very thing. "Make an example out of someone" I believe were his words.

Now Comey rolled again: **** this is ****ing hairy.

Thanks for the Video GreedO good find worth the 25mins

Captain Tele 11-06-2016 16:50

nobody cares anymore

about anything

at all

let ww3 commence

**** it....

die 4 your queen servant statists

[N]PRIME189 11-06-2016 16:51

Already did 5 and finished my the irr 8 year request.

Noodle arms like goshin can go die for the ****

gOOse 11-06-2016 16:53

Cloak and dagger 2.0 right now.

That party on Imager to.. WTF.

cancer 11-06-2016 16:54

I mean the theory sounds stupid but I'm truly intrigued by the possibility that trump can't read

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LawnDart 11-06-2016 16:57

Jesus..that is ****ing pathetic

Captain Tele 11-06-2016 16:59


Originally Posted by [N]PRIME189 (Post 18667598)
Already did 5 and finished my the irr 8 year request.

Noodle arms like goshin can go die for the ****

we have a moral obligation to let those that this country works for fight for and pay for this country now

no amount of good men dying for bad causes will save us anymore

they want to let millions of illegal in

illegals and their leftist sympathizers can pay for the schools and social safety nets they use and abuse

they want to start ww3

those who support their neocon candidate can fight in the trenches for her

they want to be all inclusive to islam and give weapons to mexican drug cartels, isis, organized crime while disarming americans back at home

then let them defend themselves in the ghettos that they have created throughout this once fine nation

it is their fight just as it is now their country that they have created

Captain Tele 11-06-2016 17:01


A colleague sent this to me:


"There is an awful lot of speculation about the coming Presidential Election being "stolen" by voter fraud, illegal aliens being allowed to vote and through electronic voting machines programmed to steal the election. Maybe all that is true, I don't know.

What I do know is that if Donald J. Trump does not win, then the election is illegitimate. Just look at the facts:

Clinton/Kaine have fewer than 500 people at almost ALL of their campaign events. They have empty campaign offices, no volunteers, few (if any) signs of support as you drive through most any town or city.

Trump/Pence on the other hand, have literally THOUSANDS of cheering supporters at absolutely every campaign event. They have so many people trying to attend their rallies, thousands have to be turned away because the venues are filled to overflowing! Trump/Pence campaign offices are teaming with volunteers. Trump/Pence signs are literally all over the place. In every city and town, on every road, nationwide!

Of course, the mass-media "polls' say the race is already won by Hillary. But Wikileaks revelations show that the polls have been deliberately "over-sampled" to make certain they achieve a pro-Clinton result. Put simply, most of the polls are deliberate frauds.

Then too, of course, we have the Project Veritas undercover videos showing Democrat Party workers bragging about hiring, training and PAYING people to incite violence at Trump rallies, organizing with each other to bus hundreds of voters from polling place to polling place to cast fraudulent votes, and admitting on tape to having done this "for fifty years."

Let's not forget the Wikileaks email from Hillary Campaign Chair John Podesta who casually mentioned how illegal aliens can vote, simply by showing their Driver License and attesting to being a US Citizen!

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the latest disastrous leaked email, from Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff, to Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager which said "Foreign Govt Donors: all the money is in." WOW! They're taking money from foreign governments!

So putting things bluntly, if Hillary Clinton somehow "wins" this election, then the election is ILLEGITIMATE.

What to do then?

Some folks are talking about rising up in insurrection and overthrowing the federal government by force. That certainly is their right as the sole source of sovereign power in this nation. They certainly have the ability to do that very swiftly and the feds know it. The military is so concerned about this that more than one active duty General has produced videos for the troops asking them not to take sides with any such effort! But since the overwhelming majority of military is supporting Trump, it's easy to see where their loyalties would be in any insurrection: with The People!

Others are saying they'll up and move out of the country. Blah Blah Blah.

Few have spoken about the plans already well-underway, to pull all the money out of the banks and out of the stock market to collapse the financial system and break the government's back financially. What's that you say, you haven't HEARD about that plan? Well, you have now!

I think it is important to make clear that I am not advocating this or soliciting this activity. I am merely REPORTING IT. That's what we in the media actually do; we report things. That's what I'm doing here. So be clear that this is not my idea - I'm just reporting, and commenting on it.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many people in how many civic groups, social clubs and trade organizations have been talking this up for months! It is a very clever plan they've hatched because it strikes "the beast" right in its heart - the money.

Think about what it would do if all the "little people" pulled all their cash out of the banks starting Wednesday, November 9. It would wreak havoc. The banks would be forced to shut down by Friday, November 11. And as soon as banks began shutting down, it would cause panic, causing the problem to spread. . . Which helps the Pro-Trump people anyway! Because panic leads to civil unrest.

Worse, if they start hauling their money out, AND YOU DON'T, when the banks go under YOU'RE the one left with no money!

Think about what would happen if all the "little people" called their brokers on Wednesday, November 9 and said, "liquidate my IRA and 401-K." It would utterly destroy the stock and bond markets in one day! ONE DAY would bring all the snobbish, rich muckity-mucks right to their knees. Some of them would be jumping out of windows!

But more than that, what if all the pro-Trump people just . . . . stopped. No more work. No more production. No more deliveries. What if they all just stopped. For a week. Two weeks. Two months?

You can't afford to do that you say? In the Civic and social group meetings, such a remark is responded to with "Maybe you can't afford NOT TO!" They go on to say:

But just for argument's sake, what if you decided - just once in your life - to say "Ahhh **** it -- I'm not working and I'm not paying.

Within two days, factories all over the country would grind to a halt from lack of parts and lack of raw material. Tens of thousands would be side-lined out of jobs each day such an effort continued. For while massive corporations have a lot of money, what they don't have is a lot of spare parts or spare raw materials!

They use a "just-in-time" inventory system . . . and when the first couple shipments of parts or raw materials fail to show up, the factory MUST shut down.

Imagine half or more of the over-the-road truckers just pulling over, detaching their tractors from their trailers, and heading home. The economy of the entire country would grind to a halt within days. Literally, days! No gasoline deliveries, no fuel. No food deliveries, no food. No retail store deliveries, no products to sell. No raw materials deliveries, nothing to manufacture with. Everything just . . .stops. That's when the trouble starts.

Imagine if the food delivery truck drivers just didn't come to work. Imagine if 75-85% of them just said to themselves,

"my vote was ****ing stolen and I'm not taking this **** anymore."

Supermarkets in this nation have only three days supply of food. In large metropolitan areas, supermarkets have to receive deliveries every single day to keep shelves from running empty. If the truckers stop, those markets start emptying out in ONE DAY. By day two, you'd see food riots beginning.

How about if all the Trump people just stop paying their bills too? What will anybody be able to do about it in time to halt a financial Armageddon? Sue? Good luck. The pathetic little courts would be instantly overwhelmed.

But wait, the banks will Foreclose on homes you say? Yea. Good luck with that too. It takes a minimum of ONE YEAR for a foreclosure proceeding to be processed through the courts. If thirty or forty million people intentionally went into foreclosure, the courts would be unable to even function, never mind provide "Due Process" before depriving anyone of their home. People would be living mortgage free for one, two , three YEARS before the courts could act. The banks would collapse long before that ever happened.

Apartment dwellers might face eviction. . . but it takes a couple months right now to even get a court date for an eviction proceeding. Imagine if several million apartment dwellers in each state deliberately forced their landlords to eviction? The courts would be ****ed. Unable to function. No court order=no eviction!

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't take a few lines to talk about how things could mushroom out of control if all the Pro-Trump people who make this country function, just stopped.

Let's get back to the Truckers and deliveries. Remember I said supermarkets would start running out of food in ONE day and after two days, you'd see food riots? Extend this hypothetical out for just ONE week.

The cities . . . where Hillary Clinton is getting her support . . . would collapse into anarchy within four days. . . five at the most. Remember New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? After only three days, it looked like Mogudishu!

You see, the city-dwelling liberals don't store-up food or water. Most of them only have a couple days food.

And when the local savages -- who've been on the dole for years -- start running out of food, guess what the savages will start doing? Rioting and Robbing the liberals -- of their food! And you know the savages can, because liberals DON'T OWN GUNS! They can't defend themselves or their food!

In less than ONE WEEK, every major city in this country would descend into total anarchy. The local cops would likely see they don't have any hope at all of controlling any of this, so they'd leave and go protect their families. The best part, say the supporters of this idea: the Liberals who've been smugly arranging the victory of Hillary Clinton, will likely get (from the local savages) what they so richly deserve for "rigging" the election.

When the food and fuel runs out in the cities - by day five -- that's when the **** really hits the fan. They'll make a move on the suburbs. Big mistake. Suburban homeowners are also gun owners. End of the savages . . . and an end to liberal Democrat voters for at least two decades!

So you see, folks, if the rich muckity-mucks and their arrogant public servants in government think they can get away with stealing the election for Hillary, the "little people" seem to have a plan to crush them out of existence simply by pulling money out of the banks, stock and bond markets, and staying home from work for a couple weeks or maybe a month. Even if they somehow brazenly refuse to give people their own money, the "little people" can still crush them by stopping work. They can't survive without food and they cannot defend themselves from the savages in the cities. Either way, the "little people" win.

A mass withdrawal by "the little people" would crush the banks, stock and bond markets, into oblivion by Friday, November 11. Stopping work will deprive the cities of food and fuel, causing them to erupt in massive violence and self-destruct within one week (10 days tops).

In the end, all those smug, arrogant people who think they can do anything they want - even steal an election -- might finally find out who REALLY controls this country: The "Little People." Trump Voters. The ones they scoff at as "Deplorables!"

So go ahead you liberals, keep talking-up Hillary and keep rigging the vote. Keep ignoring the voter fraud and the foreign money. See how that works out for you less than ten days from now.
wish i could argue with this FW:FW:FW

this is how the war will be won nov. 9th boys and girls

OneManArmy 11-06-2016 17:01

Welp, it's over. Say hello to president Clinton 2.0

[N]PRIME189 11-06-2016 17:02

I played the rigged jew game and won wall st

Opting out of usa now.

Feels good man

Father Ruckus 11-06-2016 17:05


Originally Posted by OneManArmy (Post 18667606)
Welp, it's over. Say hello to president Clinton 2.0

Dunno, she still has an enthusiasm problem, and this just makes it look like the corrupt system is "protecting" her.

RamataKahn 11-06-2016 17:05

Odio 11-06-2016 17:07

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