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LogRoller 07-15-2007 01:36

yeah, i went to the sherborne school for boys for a year.

we used to go around with a flashlight after the lights went out and walk in on all of the lower sixth form wacking off to porn so that we could laugh at them, and we caught two boys giving each other oral sex.

Al'Muktar 07-15-2007 01:38


thats how it is

I got kicked out of the (boy) scouts for telling my patrol off for having a wanking competition

Lamb 07-15-2007 01:39

I read that as "Fleshlight".

Also, that's ****ed up (the oral sex). Pics.

LogRoller 07-15-2007 01:42


Originally Posted by Lamb (Post 11834979)
I read that as "Fleshlight".

Also, that's ****ed up (the oral sex). Pics.

we didn't have ditigimal cameraphones in the late eighties.

Lamb 07-15-2007 01:45

We had regular cameras that printed photographs, and we now have the scanners for said photographs. Get to it.

LogRoller 07-15-2007 01:47

first of all, if i took pics, no one would develop them because they would depict underage gay sexual activity.

second of all, i didn't take pics. in fact, i did everything i could to erase the image from my mind, including drinking enormous amounts of alcohol.

but if you like, just google for an image of two young skinny men with zits doing a 69 in their pajama tops.

Al'Muktar 07-15-2007 01:47

im sure that you could arrange your own semi-not gay adolescent wanking competition if you wanted to

edit: you beat me too it logz you ****

Lamb 07-15-2007 01:48

You didn't mention them doing the 69, God I bet they were super sweaty too.

LogRoller 07-15-2007 01:50

probably not, that house was ****ing cold. they didn't want to pay for heating the whole thing. in the meantime, the housemaster was walking around in shorts and a tee shirt with one of those sun mirrors under his chin, the swine.

Al'Muktar 07-15-2007 01:51

just attempt to internalise the image/thought/word of 'squirmy wormies'

and you will understand how mad/confused I was when I came back into that ****ing tent

Lamb 07-15-2007 01:53

Apparently you've never had smoking-hot cock in your throat.

Al'Muktar 07-15-2007 01:55

everybody was twelve years old

dont get me wrong, I've had those kind of confused 'lulz I'm 11 this is my cock, look its better than yours' moments, as most men do

its just that the level of ******ry that I experienced on returning to my patrols' tent just went beyond the pail

n9ne 07-15-2007 01:56


Originally Posted by LogRoller (Post 11824895)
1. the thing/person you hate
2. what you hate about it/them
3. things you'd like to happen to it/them
4. one redeeming thing about it/them

1. not having a ton of money
2. cant buy enough jewelry cars or shoes
3. id like to make it rain on these hoes
4. nothing

Bounty 07-15-2007 20:32


Originally Posted by LogRoller (Post 11834506)
okay, here it is: the ballad of bounty and the old busybody

so bounty and jay double you grad
went out with jack, their offspring lad
they took him out to learn the ropes
to see who's smart and who's a dope
the family walked around the mall
they browsed in shops and peered in stalls
and as they sat down to a meal
a very odd feeling they did feel
they sensed a presence just nearby
so bounty with his careful eye
did survey round the vast food court
to see if danger did purport
it took him just a little while
a lady faced him with a smile
"she's past her prime" old bounty thought
with old barettes her hair was fraught
her eyes peered over a wrinkled nose
she had a most judgemental pose
and just as bounty saw her true
he figured out what she would do
she stood and pointed at their child
"hey there!" she yelled, oh, she was riled
"you can't just feed him that old junk"
"he'll grow up bad, and be a punk!"
"you'll rot his teeth, you'll ruin his liver!"
"a hellion you will deliver!"
so bounty and his wife and kid
they got up fast, and ran, and hid
they lost her in a clothing store
but there she was, ready for more
"don't buy him those, they are too tight!"
"it shows too much! it's just not right!"
so bounty gathered all his fam
and off to somewhere else they ran
they found a place for him to play
(they put those things in malls these days)
as jack jumped on a big giraffe
bounty and jay dub had a laugh
but laughing soon was cut too short
that woman came back for more sport
"good lord!" she yelled, "he'll die for sure!"
"how could you be so immature!"
"don't let him climb up there so high!"
"he'll fall and break his neck and die!"
"i have twelve kids, i know what for!"
""so listen well, i know the score!"
well bounty just had had enough
he grabbed that fat ***** by the scruff
he dragged her towards a garbage can
and then he carried out his plan
he picked her up and threw her in
her legs stuck upwards from the bin
he grabbed a plank (there was a stack)
and then her ass cheeks he did smack
he smacked them once, he smacked them twice
he smacked them till she'd paid the price
when he was done, he laughed all merry
and jack gave her a big raspberry
so listen well, you fat old whores
the next time you're out at the store
no matter how much you are prone
that's his business, so mind your own


Thanks, man - I'm printing this out and framing it. :lol:

Bounty 07-15-2007 20:54

Okay, so I didn't frame it ... but it IS hanging on my fridge now, next to Jack's drawings. :lol:

Al'Muktar 07-15-2007 21:01

how cute is my nephew :)

he makes me want to make babies ;[

LogRoller 07-16-2007 01:14


Originally Posted by Bounty (Post 11837385)
Okay, so I didn't frame it ... but it IS hanging on my fridge now, next to Jack's drawings. :lol:

frames are so expensive these days.

anyway, i'm sure that mstrike will post it elsewhere any day now and claim it as his own work. its value as art will be severely diminished.

Sp!nfusor Salad 07-26-2007 04:51


or just me in general.... I miss being lampooned.

TheGrudge 05-08-2008 20:09

1. Idiots who talk out loud during things they shouldn't.

2. I hate it when these people talk out loud at a movie theater while also usualy laughing at stuff that isn't funny at all which completely ruins the mood of the movie. And also this ***** at my digital audio class that talks loudly and laughs during the group critique of the class's projects for the month.

3. I daydream about picking up my computer monitor and smashing her face in. Or using any other heavy electronic device sitting around like my MIDI controller. Many times with the people at a theater, I imagine turning around and instantly breaking their nose with my fist in front of the whole theater. I imagine everyone would cheer.

4. At least the girl I mentioned is hot. There is no redeeming quality about the stupid ****s who talk at the movie theater.

That should be enough content to come up with something good.

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