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wtf eat apples 08-16-2018 02:58


Originally Posted by MaLicE (Post 18973306)
i like turtles

omg me 2

wtf eat apples 08-16-2018 03:00


Originally Posted by vamp (Post 18972851)
change cg to semi for long rage sniper shots

yea thats a good idea.

rotochop 08-16-2018 23:49

opsayo can you not **** with the server settings out of your own weird sense of social justice, or if you do, please post what you change in public.

hyung 08-17-2018 12:54

i only make any changes for social justice reasons honestly

so i guess so yea

i have changes ready but i haven't deployed yet

- fixes to client version detection (was causing rocky problems)
- changing balanced mode to not reset client stat huds between halves
- changing capout in balanced mode to 8 instead of 9

- server smart rotation to rotate in base maps at higher player counts and sprinkle in new maps every so often

kitteh 08-17-2018 13:04


Originally Posted by hyung (Post 18972563)
b) you really haven't been capping very long so you're blaming the chaingun which is something all bad / new cappers do. what elite level chasers are even around anymore? i'm sorry, is BLUMP or "fukn lawlz" lighting you up or something?

tfw you can't tell if UCL is throwing shade or saying I'm good.


rotochop 08-17-2018 13:39

heres my ucl story:

one time about half a decade ago i was alone in a pub with opsayo

he randomly mentioned "hey ya know u can set the variable for disk accuracy higher than what it is and you'll hit more shots"

i said wtf no way that isnt real how can you change disc accuracy to higher % isnt that autoaim

he said no it was a serverside hack, let me show you,

he then said he had changed my disc accuracy to something really high and that i should try to ma him

sure enough i was able to hit him without even specifically aiming at him, i would aim generally near him and it'd still connect

he said this had nothing to do with the hitboxes or substituting them though im not truly sure what was going on

after that he said he'd set my disc accuracy to something really low so i could see the difference

yet again i tried to ma him and even when aiming my hardest when he'd fly in a perfectly straight line up in the air my disc would either shoot around him or above or below, almost like i wasnt seeing the real target or i was just missing completely, like i had very little control over my own mouse

recently itt i made this post change chaingun 2 blaster by DC. - Page 4 - TribalWar Forums about maybe everyone should have 200 ping (i made this same kind of post a few years ago as well)

when i went to pub in tribes yesterday night i could not hit a single shot my disc would shoot all over the place

when i checked tw later i eerily had this rep point attached to my comment

i really dislike the idea that we can change tribes into a carnival midway game but it truly makes sense to me that this has happened.

the fact that it can be used to target individuals and not the whole server bothers me a lot.

of course ucl will say im making this all up but this is stuff i lived and have commented on before.

opsayo please stop ****ing with the server. i know you want to make things more equal but ****ing with accuracy settings doesnt make things more equal. it sucks that some people ping better than others and it sucks that some people have better computers than others, but retributive justice and "rebalancing" the game by your own notions in secret isn't right. please dont do this.

lastly this whole experience has made me yet again question if the entirety of online gaming is totally rigged :( good grief god dam,n

hyung 08-17-2018 13:57

the wheels of the accuracy revolution have already begun

i take litecoin bribes for accuracy settings

Laughing-Stork 08-17-2018 14:02

I will post ur trueskill rating for the public to see if u **** wit me

hyung 08-17-2018 14:31

post that **** and you'll never ma again

Laughing-Stork 08-17-2018 15:18

Fkn blackmailing a blackmailer??? snake move

deadpimp 08-17-2018 16:47

cg is for noobs

rotochop 08-17-2018 20:19

thank you for putting my aim back to normal

i enjoy the blaster vote option very much

Dutch 08-18-2018 01:12

nah switch cg with laser rifle

i might come play with that

rotochop 08-18-2018 01:18

or let ppl have a scavenger laser rifle on every LT map that goes above 15v15

hyung 09-02-2018 18:22

i added an experimental chaingun option to the pu server which can be found under server toggles as "enable new chaingun"

the numbers:
stock (1998) chaingun:
- damage 0.11
- velocity 425
- fire time (rate of fire) 0.2

current (nerfed) chaingun:
- damage 0.077 (-30% from stock)
- velocity 425 (unchanged)
- fire time (rate of fire) 0.2 (unchanged)

experimental chaingun option:
- damage 0.0935 (-15% from stock)
- velocity 382.5 (-10% from stock, bullet travels slower)
- fire time (rate of fire) 0.22 (+10% from stock, lower rate of fire, less bullets come out per second)

the goal is to make the chaingun stronger in good hands and weaker in unskilled hands. people have complained about the chaingun being too weak or too easy (especially with modern netset) and i think their complaints all have merit, so if interested play with this experimental option and give feedback on how it plays.

Flipp 09-18-2018 14:26

adjustn gaymz 2 help peeps sukkn totez chit menny decades suk less chit buuuuuut still gon b sukkin t0nsa chit n e fukn way smdh lol :jester:

KivaHackSlick 10-17-2018 15:22

. , $1500 . WebMoney, 50% , 50% 2 . , Приватные читы для Варфейс - ?

! [email protected] om

Exodus 12-04-2018 18:20


Originally Posted by KivaHackSlick (Post 19002139)
. , $1500 . WebMoney, 50% , 50% 2 . , Приватные читы для Варфейс - ?

! [email protected] om


2:37 12-04-2018 18:59


i feel like blaster doesn't really fit the same role as the chaingun. blaster is insane up close and pretty garbage from far away. people keep suggesting it because they seem similar and sure try it out but i think it's a **** idea.
LOL this **** wit..... a gun that aims truer than a chain and does more damage when it hits..... is less effective at a distance ..... ****n terp much **** head. lololol

S_hift 12-20-2018 12:46


Originally Posted by hyung (Post 18974472)
post that **** and you'll never ma again

confirmed hyung is passing around lagaim.dll

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