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n9ne 02-15-2009 23:19

Hows poker treating you?
i was just reading some old poker threads and its pretty impressive how many successful players we have here:

baby bew (lol)
others i am forgetting

hows everyone doing? i work with a few successful NLHE players who have taken me under their wing so I'm doing my best to learn the game. unfortunately i have many years of bad habits to get rid of. my goal is to be playing 1/2 by the end of the year and making 5 bb/100 :bigthumb:


sled 02-15-2009 23:44

paid for part of the downpayment on my house :]

marantz 02-16-2009 00:14

Had a good January:

Feb has been OK except for my one day of tilt where I dropped ~$42k:

I swear, if I didn't tilt I'd be a rich mother****er. Goal is to break above even for Feb by the end of next week.

n9ne 02-16-2009 00:23

nasty marantz

1k hands a day i assume you are playing full time?

it really motivates me to see former thenuts tourney players doing so well :]

marantz 02-16-2009 02:33

Yeah I play full time. A typical sesh these days is 1500-2k hands, sometimes up to 3k. But my results are usually better with shorter sessions.

And please don't call me a tourney player; I know how to play post-flop. :)

BTW: who mods this forum now? I want to add CardRunners to the links list at the top of the forum but it won't let me bump a >1yr old thread.

[SES]BaNsHee 02-17-2009 09:42

I started up my business so I could play poker for fun and not for a living. I couldnt take the stress of playing for a living. How my cards fell one night could dictate my next couple of nights attitude toward my family. Im also a massively competitive person and something about playing great and getting beat by luck was wasting me away. The business has created the oppurtunity for me to play in all the WSOP events I want though, so I do look forward to winning my first ring or bracelet soon. :) I took up dealing for the last year to improve my live game more and it helped tremendously. If anyone is going to Indiana at on the 25th through next month for WSOP then let me know. Ill be there on and off throughout the events.

leetdemon 02-17-2009 10:01

its treating me like a dirty whore.

cheezit 02-17-2009 17:46

i didn't make my 10k goal last year, mostly because I took about 4 months off after losing and regaining about half my bankroll moving up. I probably made about 5k in total.

working on moving up to 100nl now and mixing in some PLO and heads up.

0wN5 02-18-2009 13:15

The pokers is a sick game that I really don't know why I play. But I love it and am running hot. Wonder when the doomswitch'll hit me.

edit: I play 10-25NL on stars soon to be 25-50NL on FTP when i get a chance to deposit so I can bonus whore + RB. I know, I'm a degen.

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