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Semantik 02-15-2013 15:04

TW Drummers-Throne question
I have a Gibralter throne, and it is comfortable and all, but I was at a show the other day and saw the drummer using a throne with a low back on it. I have never played using a throne with any sort of back support. Is it worth it? Have any of you tried one, or use one currently?

I have had some lower back trouble, along with shoulder issues recently, so my playing has been hampered. Am curious if any player here would recommend a throne with back support, or have any input into the idea.

Heres a little Meytal Cohen covering Cowboys from Hell:

Swensonator 02-17-2013 00:31

Thrones with a back can help keep your back straight. You wouldn't think that it would matter that much, but I notice that I tend to sit upright a lot better with one.

Semantik 02-17-2013 09:17

How high does your support go? The one I saw was really just a few inches, but then I noticed one at the local music store that would come up to nearly kidney level...I never really thought about keeping my posture better...that would be another bonus.

Swensonator 02-18-2013 02:59

You can get a roc n soc with a decent sized back rest that's about halfway up your back almost. There's others with smaller backrests. Larger didn't really make a difference to me.

Semantik 02-18-2013 08:35

Ok, thanks man. Will have to check some of these out. Especially since you said they helped with posture as well...definitely worth looking into. :)

Groove 02-18-2013 18:24

meytal gives me a chub

assfrags 02-18-2013 20:45

The parts where she looks at the camera remind me so much of porno.

Semantik 02-20-2013 12:40

percussion porno

old_skul 02-21-2013 10:14

I have a Gibraltar with a back support. It's at a weird angle and I don't recommend it. If I ever replace it, it'll be with a regular round roc-n-soc.

Semantik 02-23-2013 12:46

I tried a Gibralter with a back support and it was not very comfortable, it almost felt like it was pushing into my back more than supporting it.

I have not found a place locally with any real alternatives. Don't get me wrong, I love my throne, but my lower back has been giving me troubles. I am thinking a trip to Nashville may be in order to find what I can down there.

Jungle Fish 02-26-2013 03:03

well first off thats a really nice rack, secondly to your question

John the Jammer 02-27-2013 22:56

I have yet to sit on a throne with a backrest I like. I'd go without it.

Semantik 03-01-2013 01:20

I was sent by Dan Schinder, of Dan Schinder drum clinics and DrumTalk TV that I should try the Carmichael throne. It looks wierd, basically two halves with a gap in the middle, but he said after a few seconds I will feel the difference and most of my lower back pain will disappear. Like sitting with a trench between your legs, but he swears by it. Now I have to find a place that has one so I can try it out...anyone see this? NAMM apparently had a big display.

thedrummingfish 02-02-2014 02:57

I personally dislike the back, but I move a lot while playing so it can be a bit restrictive and I'm not too concerned about posture while playing in most cases. I love the nitrogen shock thrones though...bouncing is fun.

Semantik 06-16-2014 15:51

So I checked out a few thrones and have not yet found one that was overly comfortable. I was at The Veer Union show last night and the drummer there had a throne I had not seen before. We started talking and after their set, I hopped up on stage and sat in it, and hammered out a little to get the feel of the thrones was very easy and the seat was comfortable. It was a roc-n-soc (I am pretty sure that is what he said) and then he told me about the shock thrones and how they can help alleviate some back pressure simply by bouncing...definitely gonna check these out next.

thedrummingfish 06-25-2014 21:40

Roc-n-soc are nice, pretty spendy, they got that shock I like haha. Couldn't remember the brand.

MartinDaky 07-03-2014 00:48

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thedrummingfish 07-03-2014 02:21

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Verbitjqu 08-26-2014 00:58

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