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Rockstar Psy 03-11-2011 02:50


Originally Posted by caelum (Post 16265570)
ppl already dide

now in mourning

Heat 03-11-2011 02:50

Did you see the guy on motorcycle trying to flee the tsunami only to get surrounded? He should have gone cross county.

caelum 03-11-2011 02:51

off roading ftw

Yaason 03-11-2011 02:51

charlie don't surf.

LGBR 03-11-2011 02:53


Originally Posted by def (Post 16265563)
by this logic, most ppl in osaka are bartenders

okay, half of my friends list is posting FB statuses saying they slept through it
the other half is saying they felt dizzy but other than that they're still at work continuing their day

heres what you're not considering

these people have been dealing with this **** for 5,000 years.

they know wtf they're doing.

250,000 people aren't going to die, like youre hoping for so you can watch the news and say OH MY GOD THATS AWFUL BUT I REALLY DONT CARE BEYOND WATCHING CNN

a hundred people will die. maybe. and they'll be the unfortunate ones but the real misfortune is that THIS THREAD is the best you ****ers can do. sit there in your arm chairs watching the destruction and then tomorrow back to charlie sheen because the devastation wasn't enough for you.

congrats on that

Krakbaby 03-11-2011 02:53

cnn is so gay

HumDumpin 03-11-2011 02:54

Your ideas are stupid

LGBR 03-11-2011 02:55

im the only person who posted anything with substance in this thread

im bringing you the actual words of people there and realistic considerations that CNN doesnt want you thinking about because they want the ratings.

Heat 03-11-2011 02:55

why umad LGBR? We could just go back to bed I guess.

def 03-11-2011 02:55

how does a person deal with something for 5,000 years

LGBR 03-11-2011 02:56

im debating going to bed now that i know all my people are a-okay :sunny:

edit: very carefully

HumDumpin 03-11-2011 02:56

Don't wake up

Special---K 03-11-2011 02:57

If Japan gets through a swarm of huge earthquakes like this followed by a major tsunami within an hour with just a few hundred casualties, that's a god damn miracle

LGBR 03-11-2011 02:57

u mad that im smarter than u bro

def 03-11-2011 02:57

there is another aftershock every 20 min, how do u know they are a-ok?

HeLLrAiSr 03-11-2011 02:57

lagbar you can pretty much chalk it up to this being something that rarely happens - and it being on nationally televised programming pretty much uncensored is icing on the cake.

i'm listening buddy

Heat 03-11-2011 02:57

We need to load up some c130s once we find out if they need something.

Meat 03-11-2011 02:58

The troll needs to be banned. Kkthnxbye

LGBR 03-11-2011 02:58

well if you idiots are all done panicking and thinking this is the end of the world i'll start posting some more **** theyre saying

Witch 03-11-2011 02:58

LGBR is right. This is "big news" but it's nothing new. So far 1 person has died, few nuclear plants have automatically been shut down, Sendai airport has submerged, some oil refineries are on fire and whatever.

No skyscrapers are going to fall killing thousands, they've been built with 10 richter EQ's in mind.

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