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Al'Muktar 06-08-2007 15:57


Originally Posted by nSpectre (Post 11670883)
And I didn't read the last thread page. :sunny:

lets both be idiots together :sunny:

LogRoller 06-08-2007 15:58


Originally Posted by gweedo (Post 11670846)
LMFAO! classic

And Dr chen what is wrong with you?

chen gets his rocks off by pissing other people off by posting things that he doesn't find offensive, but which he knows other people do. he does this because he's a ****ing sociopath.

Al'Muktar 06-08-2007 15:59

nah sociopathy would suggest that he didnt know he was breaking social rules

he knows full well, however, that he's being a ****.

nSpectre 06-08-2007 16:02


Originally Posted by Al'Muktar (Post 11670891)
lets both be idiots together :sunny:


(I'm still trying to find a decent one for ROFLASTC. It's hard.)

Al'Muktar 06-08-2007 16:02

this one made me giggle


buize 06-08-2007 16:13


Gweedo 06-08-2007 17:06

Al'Muktar 06-08-2007 17:18

haha nice ;>


Gweedo 06-08-2007 17:21

Amadeus 06-08-2007 17:32

Al'Muktar 06-08-2007 17:33


Originally Posted by gweedo (Post 11671283)



Gweedo 06-08-2007 17:47

Amadeus 06-08-2007 17:50

buize 06-08-2007 17:52


Al'Muktar 06-08-2007 17:53


Originally Posted by buize (Post 11671434)
lies u wouldn't run into He reactions in an organic book

tell that to chem-sci cat ;>

Gweedo 06-08-2007 18:54

Last one because my captions suck

Al'Muktar 06-08-2007 19:05

that cat looks like biggie smalls


bloodymess 06-08-2007 19:17

Tahnit 06-08-2007 20:39

This video actually has talking cats. One even says a full phrase.

Al'Muktar 06-08-2007 20:41


Originally Posted by bloodymess (Post 11671858)

thats so cute it makes me cry

I'll watch the other one after this film finishes

'room for romeo brass'

its ace

good ol british indie flick

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