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lemontw 10-21-2021 22:45

Alec Baldwin just killed someone
Female Crewmember Dies After Prop Gun Misfire On New Mexico Set Of ‘Rust Deadline


Alec Baldwin was holding a prop gun that misfired, striking Hutchins and director Joel Souza.

Data 10-21-2021 22:53

How does a prop gun "misfire"?

It's a prop.

Mitchdubai 10-21-2021 22:57

Alec Baldwin is a good guy.

Finally !!

amRam 10-21-2021 23:04


Originally Posted by Data (Post 19390826)
How does a prop gun "misfire"?

It's a prop.

Hollywood lefties in charge of the firearm "props"

Plasmatic 10-21-2021 23:04

He somehow accidentally shot two people, and killed one.

Groove 10-21-2021 23:04

dang he brandon lee'd 2 ppl

Plasmatic 10-21-2021 23:29

He really should have turned the gun on himself.

lemontw 10-21-2021 23:34

he was a good boy

Fool 10-21-2021 23:35

Oh man I hope he's doing ok.

easilyodd 10-21-2021 23:37

She was coming right at him.

Plasmatic 10-21-2021 23:38

Maybe he can go back to his liberal talk show after he's black balled in Hollywood.

Rosdower 10-21-2021 23:40

wtf my sig >:[

lemontw 10-21-2021 23:41


HaPpY 10-21-2021 23:42

lol sig snarfer!

HaPpY 10-21-2021 23:43

so um ya... how does a prop gun misfire again

its just suppose to make a fkin noise and poof some smoke at most.... not actually fire anything

Brasstax 10-21-2021 23:48

Why not use just airsoft at this stage? or CGI? Or both? Or whatever - instead of slaughtering people on set.

This has happened before with blanks. The wadding or whatever comes out with enough force to kill.
Might have been a shotgun type thing. Maybe he was pranking them and stuck it in their butts or something.

Brasstax 10-21-2021 23:50



Bughead 10-22-2021 00:33

Prop guns are always better but are dangerous in the hands of idiots. Even with modern CGI it's hard to perfectly recreate a realistic muzzle blast. It's also hard for actors to fake flinching/recoiling from each shot while focusing on the rest of their performance (especially if they've never shot a real gun before which is most of Hollywood).

Even with prop guns firing "blanks" you're not supposed to fire it directly at the other person (the camera isn't your eyes, it doesn't see that you're purposefully slightly off aim).


HaPpY 10-22-2021 00:38

why does a muzzle blast need to involve a projectile though... why not just a small explosive in the barrel

Jim Beam 10-22-2021 00:41

Well, maybe her life was not better spent being target practice for Hollywood actors than making babies

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