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MissJess 07-08-2008 16:38


Originally Posted by g0ds gReeN (Post 13430203)
what bar was it in nyc that stopped serving at 2am? i need to mentally blacklist it on any subsequent visits to the east coast

Sing Sing Karaoke on Ave A and 6th, I believe.

Fireman X 07-08-2008 16:39

missjess whats your story

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 16:39


Originally Posted by MissJess (Post 13430261)
Sing Sing Karaoke on Ave A and 6th, I believe.

That was the place that wasn't doing karaoke, so we went somewhere else...i'm pretty sure.

Flunky 07-08-2008 16:40

I feel bad for Akuma...

everyone has their douche moments and now it's laid bare for TW. I am way to thin skinned to ever hang out with anyone from TW lol...

Falhawk 07-08-2008 16:41

i dunno, I think its pretty simple...

dionysus 07-08-2008 16:42

I was on 4th and ave B that night.

-§trife- 07-08-2008 16:43

i think there's a difference between moments and patterend behavior

i almost feel bad that his friends are just putting him on blast on a public forum...almost

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 16:43

Doh, really glen?

Mojo616 07-08-2008 16:43


Originally Posted by ayz (Post 13429657)
I would be hard pressed to come up with a drinking game that required less drinking, except maybe taking a shot every time Akuma offers to pay for something.

:lol: this line got me

dionysus 07-08-2008 16:44

Yeah, I had no ones number though. I told a few people before hand I would be there.

Esteban_Villa 07-08-2008 16:45

putting my name in hof-destined thread due to ayz's compiling of several posts.

Flunky 07-08-2008 16:46


Originally Posted by -§trife- (Post 13430278)
i think there's a difference between moments and patterend behavior

i almost feel bad that his friends are just putting him on blast on a public forum...almost

I don't know if it's patterned behavior or not (I really can't say).

I dunno, it sounds like he could just be in a really ****ty place right now. There were times before I settled down where I was just not happy with my life and I was a ****ty friend and incredibly annoying.

I can't say how Akuma is taking this criticism or how good a friend he is with these guys, just what I read on here I guess...

and yes, I am totally e-knighting for Akuma... lol

FishStix 07-08-2008 16:48

Next time take a trip to the Bay Area. Or at least CA somewhere. These sound too fun to totally miss.

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 16:49

me and sphin are coming by next year ben we told you SON

ayz 07-08-2008 16:52

I'm not just putting him to blast on in a public forum.

Some elements were brought up last year in Austin when Akuma called Glare cheap and Glare wanted to fight him.

I've brought particular issues up privately and publicly with Akuma as they cropped up. I argued against leaving the museum to meet up with random chicks that we ended up (not) meeting up with.

Everyone else (i think) has said something privately to Akuma during this trip. I did, I know FC did. On Friday at the house, me FC and Akuma were having a private discussion about the situation, and Akuma gets flustered and calls us unappreciate and ungrateful for what he was trying to do and says we can do what we want. At that point i lost it, i was like "for what you were trying to do... what the **** have you done. I spent the afternoon at a house of 40 year old dudes with my dick in my hand. You really want to do this right here, right now?" He said sure, so I went into TW posting mode and started ranting on him in front of a house full of people.

I don't feel pad posting any of this **** because none of it (except the sunday morning stuff) is new material I haven't already brought up with him personally. Whether or not he actually takes things to heart and listens when people talk to him, well that's his own choice.

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 16:52

**** creepy ghandi

Statty 07-08-2008 16:54

Good story, would read again.

Hell aren't you from East Brunswick? You guys don't have to give us that poor college kid crap - the parents pay for everything. ;) JK man, that was cool of you to do what you did for the guys during the trip.

Azra3l 07-08-2008 16:54 say the least

Fireman X 07-08-2008 16:54

so whats up with NY bars that let you bring your own wine and pizza and get away with siphoning others drinks?

fraggle 07-08-2008 16:56

by the time ayzianboy had showed up on the first night, we had been through a lot of crap already, i was pretty spent, and i don't even drink.

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