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SuicideTaxi 07-08-2008 14:23



HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:23

where were you

Rayn 07-08-2008 14:25

damn ayz make a bunch of blank reserved posts and fill them in later or they will wind up on page 15

SupaKalel 07-08-2008 14:28

Awesome..... how much later in the afternoon to read the rest?

Also, Excel is in the Air Force, correct?

ptavv 07-08-2008 14:29

or just edit stuff into the OP like everyone else does :P

Excel 07-08-2008 14:35


Originally Posted by MissJess (Post 13429727)
She sucked. We spent a good amount of time and money in that bar. It would have been pretty empty (and boring) without us.

Well, we tried to spend a good amount of money in there, they wouldnt let us. They were too busy resurfacing the floor behind the bar or something to let anyone buy a drink.

Excel 07-08-2008 14:36


Originally Posted by SupaKalel (Post 13429775)
Awesome..... how much later in the afternoon to read the rest?

Also, Excel is in the Air Force, correct?

Nope, I command a cubicle at US Bank.

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 14:37

:lol: thats so true

they were doing a lotta **** with the credit cards, it got me wondering during the middle of chefs salty balls

ptavv 07-08-2008 14:40

Did you guys neg any girls?

Excel 07-08-2008 14:41

I may have negged jess by accident.

kesh 07-08-2008 14:47

cliffs of the first two nights if anyone is interested


Originally Posted by ayz (Post 13429657)

They tell me that Akuma is confined to the hotel room because he drank a 40 and started tackling newspaper dispensers in Times Square. Awesome.

Also, at this point Creepy Ghandi is visibly pissed because none of the three girls around him are paying attention to him anymore.

After food, we bounce with the US Air Marshall, her partner, and 2 MILFs. We look for strip clubs, but they are all closed. MILFs take a cab home, Air Marshall and her partner head back to their hotel which was 100 feet away, Fool and Hellraisr argue about who was cock blocking whom, and we all head home. FC, Hellrasir, Akuma, and Excel stay in one room. Fool, Glare, and myself are in the other.


Akuma calls us at 8am to tell us to come to the gym. We tell him to **** off and go to sleep. Akuma then calls us at 9am and tells us to come to the gym.

Fancy Cat is pissed.

We go 10 blocks and sweat our ass off to meet this chick, and only this chick, who turns out to be one of his exes. Hello everyone, welcome to the Akuma show. You are not permitted to change the channel.

During lunch, Akuma talks about how he is "well grounded" then proceeds to ask us if we know where to score some weed. It is now 1:30pm on a Thursday.

We finish up lunch, then cab it to the Metropolitan Museum Art.

At this point a group of 3 asian girls start giving us nasty looks.

We finish off the top floor of European art, the Asian exhibit, and the Hall of Arms. Akuma is now pestering everyone to leave and is trying to hustle everyone out ASAP. Apparently he told some girls we were going to meet them out at 3pm, and it is now 4pm. Out of consideration for Akuma and his girl friends, we taxi back to the hotel and change.

We leave the hotel and go to a bar in Little Italy near the restaurant we were supposed to eat dinner at. A deserted bar. With two old men in it. Akuma then tells us the girls are at a bar in midtown and too drunk to make it down before dinner. This next conversation pretty much sums up what it's like to argue with Akuma:

Me: "So why did we leave the museum early to go to a bar these people are not at?"
Akuma: "Because they're at a bar in Midtown getting drunk."
Me: "That wasn't an answer to my question."
Akuma: "I'm going to get a 40 brb."

Finally dinner rolls around. Akuma's ex (the tall blonde chick in the pic) and her friend show up. Skibbi shows up. MissJess shows up. We have a total of 11 people and Akuma reserved space for 15-16. The waiter asks him if we're going to use the extra table sitting empty at the end, to which he responds: "We have 1 more confirmed for sure, and maybe 6-7 more coming."

Waiters are pissed at us, as we are screaming "EYYYYY IT'S A ME, MARIO" or some variant every time they bring out a dish. It was an italian restaurant, obviously.

We head out to a bar to play beer pong, except the people there sucked and took forever. Fraggle meets us there, and we soon leave and head out to Karaoke, which was a blast.

According to Fraggle, you have to get the best bang for your buck out of Karaoke. Which means singing 10-minute long songs. Like "We are the world." With our own spins, of course. "We are the ones who make a brighter day \ So let's start giving \ EXCEPT TO THE JEWS." At this point the bartender already hates us. After the song, she tells us that if we're not going to sing the songs properly, then she will take the mics away. Fancy Cat apologizes, then gets on the mic and goes "I'm pretty sure we paid for each song like everyone else so we will sing what we want. Suck my dick suck my mother****ing dick."

Next song up: Adam Sandler, "At a Medium Pace".

The girl is smiling shyly, looking down at the bar, and blushing. Then the song starts.

Her shy smile goes into a wide-eyed what the **** look. Her and her friends leave soon after.

Also, there was a bum outside who was tripping on shrooms or something. He would flex and stare at himself in the window, clearly engrossed by the neon lights. He then walked up to a movie poster with what appeared to be a 14 year old girl on it, jerked off, pissed, then lay down and went to sleep. In the same spot.

At around 2am, the bartender gets on the microphone. "Attention everyone. We will no longer be serving anyone at the bar any alcohol for the rest of the night. Thank you." The entire bar is cut off. Last call in NYC is at 4am. Hilarious.

We grab some pizza and head home for the night.

More to come later this afternoon.

Hoovie 07-08-2008 14:48

So has Akuma showed his face to defend himself?

Seems everyone that went is talking about how big a douchebag he was...

Falhawk 07-08-2008 14:48

do you know what cliffs are

Excel 07-08-2008 14:49

wall of cliffs crits for a billion.

kesh 07-08-2008 14:49

that was hard to cliff note, the story was too engaging

ayz 07-08-2008 15:43


Falhawk 07-08-2008 15:54


Fool 07-08-2008 16:03

The bartender was just a plain *****. When we got there it was our group and maybe 3 other people in the bar. We had not ordered drinks, and the other people were singing and not drinking. The two bartenders were moving back and forth behind the bar, doing all sorts of tasks that seemed to be accomplishing jack ****. When we'd order a drink, they'd nod, go back to their menial tasks and only serve us when we reminded them that we had ordered a drink 5 minutes prior. Then they blamed us when the bar filled up and consequently emptied after nobody was served a god damn drink.

ReaListik 07-08-2008 16:03


Originally Posted by ayz (Post 13430053)
At this point i am belligerent so I go to the bar, put about 4-5 straws together into a really long straw, and start walking around sneaking my straw into people's drinks.

lmao wtf

if i saw you do that i would die

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 16:04

He honestly did that to 6-7 people in there

it was the funniest **** i've ever seen at a bar

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