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Jasper 07-08-2008 21:05

So Akumas' a douche.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Thresh 07-08-2008 21:10

I'm surprised that through all these threads and pages and pages of AkumA talk, no AkumA posts...

unless I missed something

link2661 07-08-2008 21:12

Either he's avoiding tw or this is a total farce, which would be really sad.

mstrike 07-08-2008 21:13

I'm glad I didn't go, even though I would have liked to meet fraggle.

slogg 07-08-2008 21:14


great thread ayz killer memory, love that every story about me is "this hot chick totally was on his jock, and nothing happened cause he sucks"

p.s. i turned around at one point in the bar to find ayz using his long straw to drink out of my drink... multiple times

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 21:15

hahahahah slogglesmcMOUTHOPEN

slogg 07-08-2008 21:16

caption of that pic: "NoChicksForMe"

HeLLrAiSr 07-08-2008 21:18


ayz 07-08-2008 21:19

sloggs has natural talent

you just need to stop being so nice and be like "stroke my cock at a medium pace, rub that shampoo bottle up and down my ass"

Mabelrode 07-08-2008 21:21

Despite this, or because of it, it might have been fun for me to attend.

Just to witness it all.

Maybe next time :D

Reaver 07-08-2008 21:25

Awesome thread. Would read again.

Spiderman 07-08-2008 21:37

man i hope this thread isnt like the work chink firing one....

Ares 07-08-2008 21:39

akuma is michael scott

i am sorry i didn't come out since i am much cooler than michael but i had to pretend to be studying

fraggle 07-08-2008 21:41

glen is another one that refuses to meet me.

Ares 07-08-2008 21:42

i am sorry can we have a picnic in central park

u and me and kermit

slogg 07-08-2008 21:43

akuma ****ed a girl in the ass in the same room as me, what the ****

and i didnt even get to watch because i was passed out

WiLd_FiRe 07-08-2008 21:46

i find it hilarious that i (and i think rayn) were calling that douche out in every retarded thread for a while there and so many ppl defended him.

i have to say it,

i told you so

fraggle 07-08-2008 21:53

wild_fire did i ever disagree with you? also **** you glen kermit is in oregon.

Mojo616 07-08-2008 21:53

yeah it was just you and rayn

lemon 07-08-2008 21:54

Has there been a larger douche in the history of TribalWar than Akumatard? I haven't been around long enough to know. Its funny as hell how his two biggest e-knights totally ripped on him.

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