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JoMo 11-09-2016 22:46

lol... Already making Duterte calm down.

Rodrigo Duterte: 'I don't want to quarrel anymore, because Trump has won'

NightTrain 11-09-2016 22:47

JoMo 11-09-2016 22:48



Republican HQ vandalized, interstate blocked as over 1000 march - NBC12 - WWBT - Richmond, VA News On Your Side

Captain Tele 11-09-2016 22:49


Originally Posted by Danno (Post 18671049)
I assume with Amy, like it is with most of Hollywood is that they get stuck in a very strict network of producers/celebrities and if you don't drink the kool-aid you might lose gigs that make you $5-20 million a movie.

Being part of the "in crowd" is a very intoxicating experience and the threat of losing that makes them go ballistic.

the "in crowd"

ghost bust as it is known in box office terms

[MD5]Hash 11-09-2016 22:53

Report of shooting with multiple victims near Trump protest - Seattle PD

Seattle Fire Dept on Twitter

Well, that didn't take long for **** to hit the fan.

Reggs 11-09-2016 22:54


Originally Posted by Dangerdoggie (Post 18670266)
It didn't even last a half hour

Clint Eastwood (@EastwoodUSA) | Twitter

Clint Eastwood, stereotypical angry white man :rofl:

What the ****? Account suspended?

[MD5]Hash 11-09-2016 22:55

Captain Tele 11-09-2016 22:55


Originally Posted by NightTrain (Post 18671125)
BBC bends the knee to infowars? :lol:

Donald Trumps new white house press secretary right here....

JoMo 11-09-2016 22:57


Originally Posted by [MD5]Hash (Post 18671147)

Seattle police: Shooting in downtown Seattle not believed to be connected to earlier demonstration, investigation ongoing

havax 11-09-2016 23:04


and right this very moment, obama, the clintons, and the podestas, are all having a pizza party laughing and sipping on baby blood and semen as their zombies play right into their hands. false flag assassination and martial law imminent. ggs folks, end of america.

JoMo 11-09-2016 23:08

Nah, the protesters are stupid and are playing into Trump's hands though.

Veniggs 11-09-2016 23:08

i do want pizza right now... but real pizza... not whatever these commie ****s are ordering.

cogzinofa 11-09-2016 23:09


Originally Posted by havax (Post 18670980)
o pls o pls o pls

edit: :rofl: i love the comments, saying what would the rest of the states do without california lol

you go ahead, we'll figure it out.

Yes, my most esteemed colleague from the great nation of Texas, in sure you will.

But tbh that just sounds messy. I'd be cool with it and all, but ecomm sites would be a pain in the ass to mod for that.

JoMo 11-09-2016 23:14

CNN interviewing these nutbags who are calling for civil war.... Democrat party is going down in flames.

burtrennalds 11-09-2016 23:16

Let all the fags, trannies, and ******s kill themselves and each other and we may have ourselves a nice little place soon

[MD5]Hash 11-09-2016 23:24

This stream's still up:

Haha, there's like 300 protesters, they are completely directionless.

Captain Tele 11-09-2016 23:25


JoMo 11-09-2016 23:32

Can Trump take credit for the rebounding global markets? After all, NBC trashed him saying that his election meant a global recession......

"Asia shares rebound in sharp turnaround from Donald Trump victory shock; Japan's Nikkei traded up 6%, Australia's ASX up 2.8%, Shanghai Composite rise 1.1% - Reuters"

StapleMammal1 11-09-2016 23:33


clu 11-09-2016 23:35


Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18671145)
the "in crowd"

ghost bust as it is known in box office terms

new ghostbusters was a decent flick why all the hate. lots of new movies flop at the theater it's called

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