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Obibun 08-03-2013 12:44

this is a nice thread

for me to poop on

epidemic 08-03-2013 12:46

every1 be sure 2 thank dare 4 this thread

Obibun 08-03-2013 12:47

thanks dare

buize 08-03-2013 12:47

thanks obama

~dickschnitzel~ 08-03-2013 12:48

thanks mom and dad

Al'Muktar 08-03-2013 12:57

gg dare

Falhawk 08-03-2013 13:02

I thank myself

Obibun 08-03-2013 13:03

you truly are an amazing human beacon of light, Falhawk

Al'Muktar 08-03-2013 13:03

and of course we thank the manifold and varied personality disorders and other assorted issues that reside w/in tpk's probably melon-shaped head

gg insanity

T-Refried-455 08-03-2013 13:03

i thank world of warcraft

1teaminlondon 08-03-2013 13:12

this thread is a beacon of the interpwebs

tpks werds are the beacon of truth

tribalwar beacons life


dibs 08-03-2013 13:27

i think fufu trippin from weed withdrawalz

epidemic 08-03-2013 13:28

ya he jonesin

blackpeople 08-03-2013 13:28

tw has had a decent week

Obibun 08-03-2013 13:32

ya it really has eh

dibs 08-03-2013 13:59

i going 2 catch up on this thread whlie pooping this weekend

Rayn 08-03-2013 14:01


Originally Posted by The Pumpkin King (Post 17784986)
Fair enough.

So are you talking about how I need to post a picture of a girl I ****ed?

Or a picture of who I am?

You can see how that comes across as a ridiculously transparent ploy to get me to reveal more information about myself so you guys can troll me even harder, cus you are nowhere near done with me?

You have having wayyyyy to much fun with this?

because you are sick people, and that's what you do?

i don't know how I can make myself any clearer. if you want to bash people's appearances, you should have something to back it up, i.e. a picture of yourself. it makes no sense for ugly people to knock people for being ugly. if you're that superficial that is. if you're what you say you are there is nothing to troll you about. period.

Ztir 08-03-2013 14:48

tic and tpk

does it surprise anyone these guys are friends

spockhammer 08-03-2013 14:53

you guys are losers.

group sex?

its not love

learn to love a woman

all that other **** gets cast down into the fire when you are united with your soul mate. (a transition)

i dont mean boyfriend girlfrind bull****

I mean that if you dont get married by an ordained priest
your sex is reprobate and that must be consumed in the fire.

I like it, carry on, cause the longer your in Hell on fire the hotter my love burns.

you aint getting away with nothing.

God knows.

I loved a woman, in a way that pleased God, and he gave us infinity sex and infinity orgasms.

group sex is something i never indulged in.
I had pre-marital sex several times, and it burned me like a mother****er.

good luck with that,
and by the way, when your a fully posessed troll with a spirit manipulated by multiple demons, don't try an d **** with me cause I gots a God-Damed Life Saver Sword that ****s your soul up into repentance

dibs 08-03-2013 14:57


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