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CelticMojo 08-03-2009 12:54

Anyone still playing this?
I have a 39 Black Orc on Gorfang.

Madend 08-03-2009 18:22

40 bw on volkmar

JoMo 08-03-2009 20:24

40 Engi/WP on Iron Rock.

Also a smattering of lower level chars, and Destro that is unplayed on Dark Crag.

Rurouni 08-05-2009 18:44

Jul 16


Follow up message
Mythic Entertainment
End of Subscription Notification

Your subscription for Mythic Entertainment Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning for Game Account TEHUBARGAMEACCOUNT has ended for the following reason:

* Subscription is not set to renew

Daemon 08-11-2009 19:21

resubbing today to check out the patch changes. 10 days free, figure it's worth a shot..

Sam_ 08-11-2009 22:50


Originally Posted by Daemon (Post 14806483)
resubbing today to check out the patch changes. 10 days free, figure it's worth a shot..


JoMo 08-12-2009 01:01


Originally Posted by Sam_ (Post 14807109)

I assume he's talking about 1.3.0b. Basically anything that has AOE has had it's damage and range nerfed.

1.3.1 is just around the corner and it includes some much needed end game changes and RvR changes:

*All Keeps have been expanded! There are now two ramps up to the Lord room for attackers and defenders alike to watch and utilize for flank attacks on their enemies

*The day of invasion is at hand! Capital city invasions are more exciting than ever, with a simplified and accessible new flow of invasion states, interface improvements, Public Quest upgrades, and more! See below for full details on these changes.

*Player-crafted Summoning Stones allow groups to rapidly assemble for battle even when the party members are spread out over long distances. See below for additional details on this valuable new tool in your arsenal.

Dragon Star 08-12-2009 12:24

still playing order on dark crag.

been some incredible rvr going on since they allowed transfers from praag.

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