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Exodus 04-07-2009 23:13

omg 1 shot pumps rock i would sit back and merc ppl from all the way across the map

Exodus 04-07-2009 23:15


Originally Posted by SexPistol (Post 14440245)
what was lame was they only gave you 40 shots, no reloads, couldn't pick ammo up off dead people (you can in halo wtf!)

so you had to be VERY choosing with your shots

that is lame indeed..

SexPistol 04-07-2009 23:20


Originally Posted by Oddiz (Post 14440247)
Like tighty whities? Those for your heavy flow days?


the drama

Oddiz 04-07-2009 23:20

Action TIME

awwww commercial


travelyan 04-07-2009 23:20


Exodus 04-07-2009 23:20


Kabalas 04-07-2009 23:20


NAT Mav 04-07-2009 23:20

Mark you sly devil.

{X}Hitman 04-07-2009 23:21


[SSA]HellSpawn 04-07-2009 23:21

**** just got real

Paladin-5 04-07-2009 23:21

LOL good show apples

Xapz 04-07-2009 23:24

My god those halo players look nerdy.

Exodus 04-07-2009 23:26

1337 halo team

Paladin-5 04-07-2009 23:26

I can't get over how busted ciji's face looks up's like everything is off by three degrees...not enough to be obvious but just off enough to look really weird

SexPistol 04-07-2009 23:26

dude my girlfriend is pissed

thank god she is kentucky right now

my phone is blowing the **** up

Oddiz 04-07-2009 23:27

You had to know they'd show this juice. Or you didn't know Ciji spilled the beans?

NAT Mav 04-07-2009 23:27

Well Mark is safe from being the worst ranked, Dante is ****ed if they lose the challenge.

travelyan 04-07-2009 23:28

might start thinkin about putting Ex in front of that, gangly

Luke 04-07-2009 23:28

Please, share with your internet friends before your real friends.

Exodus 04-07-2009 23:28

hahaha what is that **** under ciji's eye? it looks weird as ****

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