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havax 06-23-2022 03:59


Originally Posted by Nicodemus (Post 19467712)
I just farted.

i just peed on your mom

and she ****ing LOVED it

Nicodemus 06-23-2022 04:16

I happen to know that you didn't but if that's the world you want to live in go for it. Makes me think less of you but I still stand by you had the best shirt img.

havax 06-23-2022 04:36

damnit, now i feel ashamed :(

i DID pee on your mom, but she didn't like it damnit

sorry bro

sehvi 06-23-2022 04:46

HaPpY 06-23-2022 15:10

y dis diksord have libtards on it

sehvi 06-23-2022 15:37

we also have the maga's tho

KittyCat 06-23-2022 17:02


Originally Posted by HaPpY (Post 19467866)
y dis diksord have libtards on it

There's data/Houston/havax etc all spamming maga **** now :shrug:

sehvi 06-23-2022 17:48

compared to houston data and havax are almost democrats nowadays tho

Nicodemus 07-02-2022 06:02

It's hilarious that you're all arguing on an internet message board about what you can argue about in an updated IRC room that nobody really talks in in the first place other than slush because he's a ****ing waste of life but he has no relevant input because again, he's a ****ing waste of life.

sehvi 07-02-2022 06:05

why do you hate slush so much

Nicodemus 07-04-2022 05:11

I just farted.

sehvi 07-22-2022 16:40

come home nico

Odio 07-22-2022 18:21


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 19470479)
why do you hate slush so much


Nicodemus 07-23-2022 01:21

That's like saying anybody on this planet could be jealous of you odio.

Literally nobody will believe that.

Zanthious 07-23-2022 07:54

im jealous of odio

sehvi 07-23-2022 16:30

it's time to let it all go and come home nico

Nicodemus 07-24-2022 04:31


Originally Posted by Zanthious (Post 19476364)
im jealous of odio

Is it because he can hear the people that are farther from you making fun of you verbally?

You shouldn't be jealous of that.

Zanthious 07-24-2022 16:46

i dont even think that was english bro

sehvi 07-24-2022 16:49

yodademus hrmpFH?

whoever 07-25-2022 19:38

Tehvul said pg 50 for link

He lie

Send link plz I will send bussy pics

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