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earthinhabitant 11-22-2017 16:40

Brandon from Branzone...r u a liar?
Harambo, just informed me you are the one who is claiming that I am phishing or was phishing.

I tend to not believe much of what i hear and read...and considering the source...had to verify if true or not.


BearKing - Today at 3:35 PM
dont phish me
earth - Today at 3:35 PM
who told you, i would ever do that or did anyone?
BearKing - Today at 3:36 PM
brandon did?
earth - Today at 3:36 PM
brandon from brandzone?
damn, i may own his company, before this is all over.

epidemic 11-22-2017 17:08

can u



EyeZ 11-22-2017 17:11

Smells like dare

HumDumpin 11-22-2017 17:12

R U K8

epidemic 11-22-2017 17:12


savage inuit 11-22-2017 17:13

forever gay and in need of *****

Data 11-22-2017 17:29

**** thread.
**** poster.

earthinhabitant 11-22-2017 17:36

well, Brandon has confirmed.

Mistcane/sashimi and Fesh/harambo/bear**** are the liars..

As suspected..thanks mistcane and harambo for telling everyone it was brandon.


epidemic 11-22-2017 17:36

wtf r u even talking about

u take us any farther in ur delusions and we'll all have a psychotic break

earthinhabitant 11-22-2017 17:41


[email protected] - Today at 4:19 PM
So @fesh no answer? K
Don***8217;t say I said something unless I said it. Thx pal :kissing_heart:
Leave me out of your nerd bs pls(ed
Can someone please page harambo/fesh/bear****

Mistcane is the one who is making it up and spreading the lies, that sure harambo was told, in his defense..
can't blame fesh, for just repeating a lie, that maybe he believed what mistcane tells and says to everyone.

not my fool.


epidemic 11-22-2017 17:44

seriously chill out

earthinhabitant 11-22-2017 17:48


[email protected] - Today at 4:21 PM
Enjoy Branzone earth took it from me. Bye
Don't worry @everyone...
I gave it back, in exchange for SADmin on SCP Tribes2 Server.

Free drinks on the house!

earthinhabitant 11-22-2017 17:51

obtw forgot this:

epidemic 11-22-2017 17:56

y r u even contacting bran

he gives us like 20 percent off his services

and he hosts tw basically out of the kindness of his heart

and ur trying 2 fuk with that

i vote permaban from tw and the tw discord

enjoy dick head

sashimi 11-22-2017 18:02

y u keep saying my name in every ****ing thread


MaLicE 11-22-2017 18:12

dis is real fukin spergy

KittyCat 11-22-2017 18:17

This is k8 having a 4th wave feminist attack holy **** save us

Groove 11-22-2017 19:03

jesus, this nutbar is more brain damaged than dare was after he got his skull bashed in

savage inuit 11-22-2017 19:43


amRam 11-22-2017 19:48

At this point you could probably host tw on an old MacBook and DSL

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