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spamtheman 07-02-2008 21:38


Pengo 07-02-2008 21:39

No ****ing way I'm reading that

As far as the game goes, I'm expecting the best. If it was almost exactly like Oblivion, just set in the Fallout world, I would be plenty happy. (Even though I didn't really like Oblivion). It was the story and setting I enjoyed.

Geegalin 07-02-2008 21:43

this is the only relevant part for me and i hope its not in Fallout 3

"Perhaps the greatest flaw of all was the inclusion of a poorly designed level-scaling system, which scaled all enemies and items to the player character's level. This eliminated any chance of the game being too hard or too easy, eliminating the possibility of any challenge. This resulted in queer inconsistancies such as bandits with plate armour. Because of the scaling, all items were of little use, being set to the player's level. This trivialized any sense of progression and surprise in the game, making it possible to accomplish any task at level 1. The player could become Arena Champion, the greatest fighter in all of Cyrodiil, at level 1, and Mannimarco, the powerful Necromancer, puppet master, and God to the terrible sloads, could be killed by a level 1 character with an iron dagger."

Bluntzman 07-02-2008 21:44

This was the only part I read.


Originally Posted by DacTheHork (Post 13407835)
If you liked this piece, please repost it on other forums using the .txt version here:'tbuythehype.txt

Way to spam the forums.

UID=35395 07-02-2008 21:45

thats all fine and well but those mother ****ers take games way too seriously.


Originally Posted by DacTheHork (Post 13407850)
The time spent to write something is magnitudes greater than the time spent reading it. Also people should read more.

Also I believe a community made essay and petition is being formed to hopefully stop development of Diablo 3.

Yes people should read more but they should not read trivial bull**** that doesn't matter. Writing that was a waste of time. Who the **** cares if they release 500 fallout games that include gay porn simulations.. just don't play them. Games are made for entertainment, play it if you enjoy it. If Fallout 3 is going to suck then just stop following it, stop caring, stop making ****ty threads about it.

Who cares if Blizzard makes Diablo 3 and its not exactly what the fans want in a sequel, the fans can go **** themselves for all I care. If they don't want to play it then they don't have to. Blizzard does not owe them **** and they could shut down tomorrow if they wanted.

The truth is tons of people will buy Fallout 3 and Diablo 3 and love them to death while you and your fellow RPG elitists troll forums about how much it sucks ass. How about caring about something that actually matters in this world.

DV 07-02-2008 21:45

It's his failure to even put that **** in quotes that is the sad part.

Vintage 07-02-2008 21:47

I liked oblivion a lot. If this is just like it, then who cares it'll be a good game. i trust bethesda (sp?)

Tribalbob 07-02-2008 21:47


Originally Posted by Seraph (Post 13407879)
People don't realize that just because something is different, doesn't mean it's bad. I wouldn't say that it was fallout's camera style was what drew me into the game. It was the atmosphere, the environment, the ability to wear power armor and shoot a guy in the groin from forty paces back only to have him crumble to the ground and lay there long enough for me to walk up to him and blast him in the head.

you're an idiot if you think this is about camera angles.

PyroTeknik 07-02-2008 21:50

I would've been happy with just a proper fallout story even with the craptastic oblivion gameplay, but they just had to go and change things around for no apparent reason.
I have no doubt that this game will be a terrible fallout just from that snippet they posted about the Brotherhood of Steel backstory that practically contradicts everything that's been previously established, not to mention the insipid art direction with the baggy vault suits and mutants that look like orks.


The folks over at NMA may be anal retentive, but among the sea of nitpicky bull**** they've brought up a lot of interesting points about the way Bethesda is treating the franchise and how they're driving it into the ground.
What's worse is that I am certain it's going to sell very well and every goddamn game mag is going to give it thirty thumbs up and they'll just keep making more and more crap.

Wowbagger 07-02-2008 21:54

I doubt it's going to have what made fallout 1,2 great but I get annoyed when ******s complain about not keeping **** like the isometric view or the turn-based combat system.

Vintage 07-02-2008 21:54

Can someone explain to me why this ****** wants to stop the development of D3... I don't care if it's in the original post because I'm not skimming through that ****.

DacTheHork 07-02-2008 21:56


Originally Posted by Vintage (Post 13407975)
Can someone explain to me why this ****** wants to stop the development of D3... I don't care if it's in the original post because I'm not skimming through that ****.


Prophecy 07-02-2008 21:58

Please refer to Fallout 3 as Fallout 4. Because Wasteland was the best in the franchise and #1 in the series.

Reggs 07-02-2008 22:00

Name one company better suited to make Fallout than Bethesda.

Anyone who says Bioware is an idiot.

Tribalbob 07-02-2008 22:01

I like not being able to see what i'm killing.

arcadus 07-02-2008 22:02

can i get some cliffs
at least boil it down to why, exactly, they think fallout 3 will suck

Vintage 07-02-2008 22:02

D3 is supposed to be dark like that, it could be a bit too dark but if you don't like it then don't buy it. No reason to start a petition.

Tribalbob 07-02-2008 22:04


Originally Posted by Reggs (Post 13408004)
Name one company better suited to make Fallout than Bethesda.

Anyone who says Bioware is an idiot.

Name one person better suited to make the star wars prequels than George Lucas.

AcidBurn 07-02-2008 22:05

I love how he posts screenshots and no text as "reasons he wants to stop D3"

I am pretty sure that DacThe Hork is legally retarded, because only someone with a very feeble mind would think they could stop the production of a major game from a major publisher.

News flash retard, GAME COMPANIES DON'T OWE YOU ****.

Reggs 07-02-2008 22:06

That is a bad PS it's too dark and hard to see. Even worse, the PS does not look stylized.

Dark is not the issue, they just need to use drab colors and up the contrast. Think 300, but with more greys and warm browns. It's reminding me a lot like Warcraft 3 because you have all these wild colors everywhere, and when hords of enemies are on screen, it's hard to see what's going on.

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