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d0ggy 03-03-2009 23:32

Can anyone hook me up with a referal?
please ;D

Madend 03-04-2009 03:31

pm me your email and first name and i'll throw you one

d0ggy 03-04-2009 06:28

Nvm, i thought it was a bring a friend BACK to war. Already have an account.

Madend 03-04-2009 15:15

it's both

leetdemon 03-04-2009 20:25

yea you just use it, but the sucky thing is you are limited to server choice and DC isnt one of them.

LOL Internet 03-10-2009 14:25

can I get a referral from someone please?

[email protected]

Madend 03-10-2009 14:55

requires first name as well, pm me

edit: sent

Dead Ben 03-10-2009 21:32

pm me info if needed. Iron Rock - Order

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