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JoMo 03-02-2009 23:39

Patch 1.2 (Mar 3rd)
I think there's going to be issues with the 30 minute timer thing. It's going to make Zerging worse IMO.

Looks like part of the patch is downloading tonight.

ragingbunny 03-03-2009 00:55

anyone play anymore? the game just got more and more retarded. all about #'s

JoMo 03-03-2009 01:55


Originally Posted by ragingbunny (Post 14330537)
anyone play anymore? the game just got more and more retarded. all about #'s

I play, it's fun, but yeah it is about numbers.

I enjoy the first three Tiers where everyone doesn't have their CC yet, but Tier 4 is blargh.

Dark Crag is best server as its almost always busy.

Madend 03-03-2009 02:45

I still am playing my BW. we weren't really that bad off despite the whining but now that the resist cap is being lowered I'm gonna be pretty damn powerful again.

The tier 4 numbers game can be tricky, too few people and there are no fights to be had, too many and you just feel like a zergling in the horde. I transferred from REM to monolith and we usually have some good fights, can vary a bit from night to night though. I think in the case of a smaller/medium sized server the domination system will actually force more constant battles which should be good, will have to wait and see how it works out in practice though.

the patch also takes a good step against overpowered CC by increasing immunity timers and changing disorient so that it no longer makes instant cast abilities (and melee abilities) have a build up time. Destro stacking that **** in tier 4 made a lot of our melee especially get pretty frustrated, and they were all happy to see the change.

I'd def recommend just powering a character to 40 if you haven't due to the tier 4 cc and give it an honest shot. at first i was like "wtf this range pull on marauders is super gay" but with a bit of experience you can figure out the counters and what the dynamic is like.
(trying t4 scens at lvl 30 will be rough no matter what since you don't have your high end abilities, only 3 tactic slots, fewer specialization points, and you only get bolstered to 36 and the 40s will have nice gear. there should be 40 only scenarios but alas it is not the case)

TheShire 03-03-2009 12:12

I for one am looking forward to it, sure its a numbers game and i guess im glad im in a guild with 1500 ish people on Dark Crag =)

Last night we had an Epic Fight with destro it lasted well over 6 hours in Kadrin Valley ( sweet sweet xp/inf/renown ) im almost RR 41 at level 37 booya!

As an Engineer im especially looking forward to the resist changes and hopefully see some bigger damage ticks on all my AOE's =)

Exciting times ahead, i was honestly worried about the longevity of WAR but im finding it more and more satisfying and i still have my fingers crossed that 1.2 will make it even better.

Cya in 6 hours in game for those that play on DC

Squire Tuck 40/41 Warrior Priest
Peatmoss 37/40 Engineer

JoMo 03-03-2009 18:47

Weird Scenario......

I already completed the 2 tasks. I wanted to power through all of them :p

Madend 03-03-2009 22:06

hard to tell where the action is since everything is stacked on the map and i always lose track of which floor i'm on :P

messing around with a wildfire conflag spec and it's pretty AOE friendly

d0ggy 03-03-2009 23:11

Anyone able to send me a referal?

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