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TheShire 03-02-2009 23:29

6 referals avail
1.2 is going live tomorrow, its a good time to come back, a lot of things have changed and 1.2 has the live event for the new choppa's and slayers.

Ive tried both and gotta say the Choppa > Slayer...its a beast.

Anyways i got 6 referals (Recruit) to anyone new or old that plans on playing and knows they want to play it for more then a 10 day trial that some places are offering.

I play on Dark Crag Currently on Order side, if you want to come play on the most active server in WAR where there is constant action ( no lie ), come on in, and with my referal ill also give ya enough gold to easily get you to lvl 20 + and also buy youre mount/last name.

what i need from you:

Email and First name ( can PM it also if ya want )

Squire Tuck 40/41 Warrior Priest
Peatmoss 37/39 Engineer

TheShire 03-12-2009 04:15

2 invites left folks

PM your first name and email

Jamezeo 03-12-2009 06:20

If he runs out - I have a stockpile of like 6 that I would never use otherwise, so PM me the same info.

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