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Dead Ben 01-26-2008 14:40

Where do I get the Obi-wan and Kashyyk expansions?
I don't need anything else except those two and I can't track them down in box form in stores. The SOE site doesn't have anything either and I don't want to dl the whole pack.

Any ideas? I want that bunker from the expansion.

Brontez 01-27-2008 17:07

Digital download is the only way, but when you buy the pack it will just download through the launchpad and doesnt take near as long as the original game files as you already have most of the files necessary for RotW and ToOW.

If you use "Station Launcher to buy the packs seperately, you get the bonker for ToOW purchase. I'm not sure if you get the binker for "Complete Adventures" purchase.

If I could trade the damn thing I'd give it to you, it's really not all it's cracked up to be IMO.

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