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Brontez 01-17-2008 15:59

Easy Monies and how NOT to get banned.
I'll be posting some in-depth money making guides here when I have some time.

Your best and fastest way to make money as a new player, space. You get credit chips for everything you kill and the "chassis dealer" in every NPC city's starport buys your dropped space loot for 1k per lvl of the part.

As well, when you go through the entire legacy quest series, by about lvl 50 you should have gotten between 1-2 million depending on luck and how aggressively you hunt while questing.

You can also make good money off of selling your reward items, both quested rewards and veteran/event rewards, but BE CAREFUL what you sell those items for, make sure you KNOW what they're worth.

Lastly, let me make one thing very clear, DO NOT BUY CREDITS ONLINE FOR CASH MONEY. The entire MMO industry is clamping down on this hard, and SOE is becoming especially strict. If you get caught, you can be BANNED without recourse. Do not believe the lines the chineese credit farmers like "it's safe and secure", it's a flat out lie.

IF you simply must "buy" credits to get a jumpstart, purchase one of the expansions, they all have a tradable reward of some kind, usually a vehicle. You can sell that Vehicle for over 10 mil easy.

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