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bigcheezit 06-05-2007 16:17

Shard Features/Info
Shard Features (Based around the 99 era 'Pre-UO:R')
-No special movies(stun, disarm, paralyzing blow, conc. blow, crushing blow)
-Heal through poison(Spell only, bandages cure first)
-"Insta Hit"(Equip your weapon and you will instantly hit; wrestling before you equip will activate the swing timer and will cause a pause)
-Wrestling is wrestling...(Anatomy + Eval DOES NOT = defensive wrestling)
-Blessed Runebooks

Basic Builds

Tank Mage
100 Str/25 Dex/100 Int
Evaluating Intelligence
Magic Resistance
Melee (Swords, Macing, Archery, Fencing)

100 Str/100 Dex/25 Int
Melee (Swords, Macing, Archery, Fencing)

Some skillgain guides...

Magery(Always base it off your resist) THIS IS SHOW REAL SKILL
50-63 Resist - Lightning (You'll roughly cap out at 67.1 Magery)
63-83 Resist - Energy Boly (You'll roughly cap out at 87.3 Magery)
83-100 Resist - Flame Strike (You'll cap out at 100 Magery :))

Wrathchild 06-05-2007 16:33

I was thinking anatomy rather than wrestling for tank mage.. what are your thoughts?

bigcheezit 06-05-2007 16:50

Not a good idea, you'll never be able to cast a spell... you'd get hit every time.

Crook3d -=VuP=- 06-05-2007 19:15


Originally Posted by Wrathchild (Post 11655276)
I was thinking anatomy rather than wrestling for tank mage.. what are your thoughts?

I've done it before and liked it.

bigcheezit 06-05-2007 20:38

If you plan on pvping, it won't really work out.

bigcheezit 06-06-2007 01:40

Updated with a magery skillgain guide

Dranon 06-06-2007 10:10

Are tamers any good with those rules? I like having a nightmare :D

Weioo 06-06-2007 11:11

Anybody have a good skill gaining guide for the trade skills? I mean everything... Tinkering, Alchemy, Inscription, Carpentry, Blacksmithy, Tailoring?

Stratics isn't the greatest. For example, I remember you can save a lot more ingots/money by avoiding plate armor until the high 80's, where as they have you start making plate at 80 skill.

In particular, I am looking for good guides on Smithy and Carpentry ATM. I'm not having much luck with google.

bigcheezit 06-06-2007 19:43

Your best bet would be to ask people in the OU irc channel.

F [a] C E 06-07-2007 01:20

k got an admin to answer some specifics that lots of people (myself included) seemed to be unsure of. pls to include in post!

Tactics: Damage dealt by weapon, 100% at GM

Weapon Skill:
1) Chance to hit with weapon (or emptyhanded/spellbook/smithhammer) with Wrestling).
2) Chance to avoid being hit by a weapon *while* holding a weapon that uses your Weapon Skill.

1) 60 enables bandage curing, 80 enables bandage ressing, both anat and heal are checked to determine cure and res success.
2) Increases heal amounts somewhat
3) [unconfirmed] adds to melee damage, 20% at GM?

EvalInt: Tactics but for Magery(TM).

Magery: "Mind Blast" never deals damage. Ever.

Resisting Spells:
1) Passive damage reduction on direct-damage spells.
2) Reduces debuff amount.
3) [unconfirmed] May grant chance to completely resist certain spells, like Paralyze.

Inscription: Is only a tradeskill. No effect on anything.

bigcheezit 06-07-2007 02:40


2) Reduces debuff amount.
I believe this is false...

Magery only increases debuff amount. ie. 50 Magery you might weaken for -6. When you have 100 Magery, you will weaken for -11.

Wrathchild 06-08-2007 17:48

So do I read that right - Anatomy does NOT increase melee damage?

bigcheezit 06-08-2007 18:24

Anatomy increases melee damage by 20% I believe.

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