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Captain Tele 11-27-2016 00:26

someone who produced something

instead of just community organized

and/or stole funds from fake charitable causes

ohhhhhhhhhh the tragedy

the tragedy i tell you

you would think the banks and fat cats would have supported trump as much as they did HRC

but they didn't.....LOL

Sentor 11-27-2016 00:27

Alright - I'm out.

You guys are spoon fed bull****, none of which is going to happen, and considering he's already going back on half of his major campaign promises, and lies 77% of the time as it is, nothing will change.


(last thing: tele - because his economic policies are BAT**** INSANE, and everyone who read them/listened to professionals knows it)

Captain Tele 11-27-2016 00:29

going back on 100% of it would only make him as bad as all our other options

think about that and report back later

Validuz 11-27-2016 00:29


Originally Posted by Sentor (Post 18680262)
I don't know what you guys have your panties in a twist about, but you are wrong... confirmation bias and "backfire effect" is definitely a problem that we've had here. And it's a huge reason why we're so polarized. And what's to say that you're not the insane one there? You calling someone insane a) doesn't make them insane, and b) doesn't mean you aren't.

Because I used to have some of the naive views you idiots have, but I was in my teenage/early adult years. The human brain doesn't stop developing until your mid-20's. Clearly your brains stopped at 15. Because of your upbringing, genetics, environment, brainwashing, you never got to that point where you actually say: wait a second, that **** doesn't make sense. You just continued on with the fairy-tale and swallowed whatever bull**** **** progressive professors told you.

ScooBySnaCk 11-27-2016 00:38


Originally Posted by Sentor (Post 18680275)
Alright - I'm out.

You guys are spoon fed bull****, none of which is going to happen, and considering he's already going back on half of his major campaign promises, and lies 77% of the time as it is, nothing will change.


(last thing: tele - because his economic policies are BAT**** INSANE, and everyone who read them/listened to professionals knows it)

Ok Junior.. When you are finished with your white apologetic dance and huffington post review, please come tell us more.

Rooster128 11-27-2016 00:38


Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18680085)
i actually enjoy your posts

walking_man and MHS others ....

i have been thinking about this a lot and maybe what we need is a "bankruptcy" president right now.

i mean look at how GM Chapter 11 was handled a few years back

General Motors Chapter 11 reorganization - Wikipedia

this idea of we are going to put the taxpayers on the hook for private loses, just to watch a company go belly up anyways, is about as wasteful and fiscally incompetent as it gets.

yes, even moreso than the bad ideas and piss poor prioritization that got us into these messes in the first place.

our bubble economy is in euphoria mode right now......but the global bubble is still doing its stagnation thing and i doubt that even a Trump presidency is going to resolve that beyond more short term "hopium" injections.

maybe we don't have the hero we want but the hero we need with our Bankrutpcy King where he is today.

i love when tele can admit trump is crazy. gives me hope for humanity :P tele smart yo, even if we don't see eye to eye on everything he can call a duck a duck i like that


Originally Posted by -SS- (Post 18680090)
I am very much in line with minarchism -the nightwatchman State. As I've said before, we do need some gvt in order to function as a viable society. The equation and disagreement always boils down to how much. As younger generations are being brainwashed into accepting the Nanny State, the worse the future will be where it becomes acceptable to give away our Liberties and Freedoms to the State, which is the antithesis to what this Nation was founded on. To date, we have been unable to find a better form of gvt. Communism / Socialism showed its true face by murdering ~100 million people, so yeah, I distrust the power of any State.

The inherent flaw with a capitalist society is the fact that there will be winners and losers, which also applies to amassing wealth. In a free society, it also offers the best opportunity to create upward mobility economically. I believe the key to allaying your fears is a society that actually prosecutes corruption without any mercy. So imo, while the potential to fill the gap you worry over is there, a just society willing to prosecute would mitigate it.

This is where I believe that balance can be achieved, but its going to take willpower to hold people who commit crimes accountable for the actions. Affluenza and twinkie defenses wouldnt cut it in my society. Your ass would be going to prison or being put to death depending on your crime(s). In other words, once people know there are real consequences for their actions, the less likely they are to act on them.

to get a government to that point, we really need to get money out of politics. otherwise people in government can always be bought to vote a certain way, earmark a bill, or lobby. it's too much like a business, where the fattest wallet wins. only when you remove the incentive of money will people actually punish corruption to the extent we need


Originally Posted by Kerosene31 (Post 18679970)
Everything is so divisive right now. You're either a racist hood wearing KKK member or a purple haired SJW riddled with white guilt.

Most of us are in the common sense middle, yet I feel like the majority is being shouted down by the idiots on both sides.

Holy **** this. So sick of the idiots on either side of the spectrum, when they aren't even really mutually exclusive on everything.


Originally Posted by Validuz (Post 18680042)
:rofl: "common sense middle" Jesus Christ, you actually believe that.

and you're just one of those said idiots...

Zulu 11-27-2016 01:09

Cliffs from Rooster post above : "Make America Great Again"

Harbinger 11-27-2016 01:51

I wonder how often Validuz needs to clean the froth and spittle from his screen. Twice daily?

God can you imagine him commuting to work? He would have to put the windshield wipes on the inside of his car.

Validuz 11-27-2016 01:51

Wow, Rooster128 is agreeing with another progressive ****bag, along with Harbinger, another progressive ****bag.

Shocking! They must both be super critical thinkers who are average people that are centrists or something.

StapleMammal1 11-27-2016 02:07

Get a load of this.

Togowack 11-27-2016 02:21

Biblical prophecy buffs should be going nuts.

The sign of Baal has manifested in New York,

Israel is being burned,


Originally Posted by Isaiah 1:7
Your country is desolate, your cities burned with fire; your fields are being stripped by foreigners right before you, laid waste as when overthrown by strangers.

the nations are being judged!!! The tribunals are to begin!!!

Togowack 11-27-2016 02:25

There are 9 harbingers.

most of them are now manifest.

StapleMammal1 11-27-2016 02:35

God is Lucifer.

You are welcome.

Togowack 11-27-2016 03:20

The God of this world is Lucifer. Their best weaponry obviously didn't work on Nov 8th, and I guess it isn't yet obvious to the world that the Church did this. One of our best weapons is prophecy. The Church has inside information on Trump for many years.

Mark Taylor says the church needs to fight through to Jan 20th and then for another 4 months as they make attempts on his life. After that, the Tribunals will begin. These will be more watched than the debates before the election.

StapleMammal1 11-27-2016 03:28

"Lucifer" is Truth you moron.

Metaphors. Lots and lots of metaphors. Learn what the metaphors are and what they mean if you have any real interest in the matter. Otherwise you wont know wtf yo are reading.

Validuz 11-27-2016 03:30

Holy ****, why on Earth did I take Togo off of ignore.

I thought maybe he stopped spamming stupid religious bull**** in every thread...

[MD5]Hash 11-27-2016 03:51


Originally Posted by Validuz (Post 18680340)
Holy ****, why on Earth did I take Togo off of ignore.

I thought maybe he stopped spamming stupid religious bull**** in every thread...

Are you ****ing kidding me? This golden goose just keeps on giving!

Brasstax 11-27-2016 03:53

Basically - most Americans - and people in general - want the same stuff out of life. The difference is how we achieve those goals. This is where the divide starts.

The basic rift starts with:
A) Do it myself because I can conquer anything
B) Do it as a team because we are stronger in numbers

Add to this some ethical nuance and we start to get the major divide -

1) Do your best to not hurt others and help a brother out when possible
2) Do what you need to do to get ahead

A1 types are strong leaders who get **** done and help others along the way
A2 types can be real dicks
B1 types are successful and help society
B2 types are mobs of beta dicks

A1s and B1s further their agenda by using their brains
A2s and B2s prey upon all groups including themselves to further their dick agendas.

So really it comes down to what Doug Stanhope says - "There are only two countries in the world - dick and not a dick."

The problem is that the dicks don't recognize or even care that they are dicks. The rest of us are too busy to always show you that you are dicks. This last election - we stood up and showed you who the dicks are. So - just swallow that dick and make some changes.

StapleMammal1 11-27-2016 03:53

so tolerant

Trump Tower has been renamed ***8216;Dump Tower***8217; on Google Maps PIX11 / WPIX-TV

cael 11-27-2016 04:30

i can't wait for trump to angrily tweet about it at 3am

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