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ChipperJones 09-25-2012 17:12

PC and PS3 Gaming Headset?
Anyone game on both a PC and a PS3? I have been using playstations for a long time now and have recently dabbled in some light PC looking for a mono headset that will work with both.... I have been eying this NoiseHush N780 but then i compare it to the likes of say
turtle beach options and well i feel like maybe i should just spend a bit more, as you can see i have been given descions that i simply cannot make on my own! lol. I am however interested in your take on headsets or which ones you use. Most of the affordable ones out their seem to be made of rather cheap materials, is their a premium options?

[N]PRIME189 10-07-2012 19:27

i bought an astro a40 for 180 bucks, im a tard :)_

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