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JackBootedThug 05-08-2014 11:46

Consolidate Stickies - How To Play Tribes 2
How To Play Tribes 2 Again:
Map Packs
External Links
Game Guides
Community Mumble (courtesy of Bran)

Server Info:
Port: 64758


I have setup this mumble server with the following:

- Unregistered users must register before they can move/talk in the server (goto Self > Register after you connect).
- Unregistered users are allowed to text message only.
- Registered users are allowed to make temporary channels under the "Temp Chans" channel.
- The AFK channel is muted so if you want to idle move there.

I am providing this voice server for free so please don't abuse it. If you want your own voice server rent one from

Team Aerial Combat (Friday Fight Nights are still ongoing in 2014)
Team Aerial Combat

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Team Aerial Combat :: View forum - TAC2 General

slush 05-08-2014 11:49

: - )

Rooster128 05-08-2014 11:55

Good thread Jack! Thanks for the edits!

JackBootedThug 05-08-2014 15:04

Schtickeeee pweese.

chaiwalla 05-08-2014 16:02

is this classic or base?

narmF 05-08-2014 16:43


Originally Posted by chaiwalla (Post 18072880)
is this classic or base?

no one plays base

Rooster128 05-08-2014 21:24


Originally Posted by narmF (Post 18072901)
no one plays base

TheVoiceOfReason 05-12-2014 21:12


Rooster128 05-12-2014 23:55

Because it sucks.

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