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Mogs 04-13-2016 14:59

goons losing

i just saw they lost vfk and ya0 also FCON + SMA + Co2 are leaving CFC.

that leaves them with very little ground to stand on

does anyone actually still play? and is following whats going on at all?

Mogs 04-15-2016 20:43

here is a good write up of the situation. I tried to paste the text here on TW but it didn't format well. just go to the link.

no tldr, sorry.

ViRGE 05-23-2016 17:14

Make that "Goons lost".

Snagulpus 11-28-2016 20:08


[N]PRIME189 12-25-2016 23:01

Zimi am I kicked out of rote yet

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