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Esteban_Villa 11-15-2016 22:27


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18675048)
Rumors are swirling that Trump has opted not to live in the White House. He's apparently determined that he's already living in his detractors' heads rent free.

does he have to pay taxes on the value of the rent he is receiving, or is he still good on write offs for the next few years?

absent 11-15-2016 22:29

Jews like Katz shouldn't be allowed anywhere near politics.

JoMo 11-15-2016 22:35

Ted Cruz for Attorney General????????? I want Gowdy damnit... maybe Gowdy can be DOJ.

Bloomberg Reporter:
Jennifer Jacobs on Twitter:

SCOOP: Trump is discussing TED CRUZ for AG

cogzinofa 11-15-2016 22:45

Is this the new liberal tears mega thread?

T-Dawg 11-15-2016 22:51

This is The New and Improved Liberal Cry Me a River of Tears Mega Thread.

Jake, from State Farm

Vir 11-15-2016 22:52

Ted is suppose to fade into the sunset not come back as AG

StapleMammal1 11-15-2016 22:52

It's also a gathering space for trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with millennials.

Fool 11-15-2016 22:53

Cruz would make a great AG so long as he always has a hanging booger to throw other people off their game.

StapleMammal1 11-15-2016 22:54

Never underestimate the raw power of a hanging booger.

JoMo 11-15-2016 22:58

Dahnald... I'll prosecute them lawbreakers.. Dahnald.....

StapleMammal1 11-15-2016 23:20

He wears dresses tho. I dont want a closet fag as the AG.

MadHatSam 11-15-2016 23:22

Cruz is the Zodiac killer.

Odio 11-15-2016 23:23


Originally Posted by StapleMammal1 (Post 18674999)
The sissy la la's are attempting to justify his actions because he has Aspergers. SMH

So if you can get a doctor to diagnose you as a sperg, battery laws don't apply to you?

Captain Tele 11-15-2016 23:44

Where is eggi?

Boeing Shutters Two Plants After United Continental Delays $5BN Worth Of 737 Orders


***8220;In order to push ourselves farther and win more business, we need to make the most of our resources and talent,***8221; said Leanne Caret, president and CEO, Defense, Space & Security. ***8220;These steps will help us be a stronger partner for our customers worldwide.***8221;

By the end of 2020 Boeing will reduce facilities space by approximately 4.5 million square feet. Along with that, many positions in Huntington Beach will move to El Segundo, Long Beach, and Seal Beach in Southern California, with others moving to St. Louis and Huntsville, Ala.

Similarly, many positions in Kent, Wash., will move to nearby Tukwila. Boeing also will close its El Paso, Texas, and Newington, Va., sites.
Hope you learn Southerner here soon if you want to fit in and still have a job u gots to be competitive at your moooooooooonshine son

Brasstax 11-15-2016 23:54

You're a ****
You're a ****
You're a ****
You're a ****
You're a ****
You're a ****
You're a ****
You're a ****
You're a ****
You're still a ****
You're still a ****
You're still a ****
You're still a ****
You're still a ****

StapleMammal1 11-16-2016 00:18


Originally Posted by Odio (Post 18675110)
So if you can get a doctor to diagnose you as a sperg, battery laws don't apply to you?

According to sjw's.

JoMo 11-16-2016 00:27

Someone give this guy a safety pin

Odio 11-16-2016 00:37

Didn't pope Francis do something similar just after he was elected pope?

Fool 11-16-2016 00:39

Did he ditch them or are they just figuring out how terrible at their job they are?

cogzinofa 11-16-2016 00:42

**** the press pool. Can't trust them.

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