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Vir 11-08-2016 14:22

Some Problems Reported As Voters Head To Polls CBS Pittsburgh

Officials have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved.

Edofnor 11-08-2016 14:26




lol the liberties these doods take w/ language

absent 11-08-2016 14:35

Jews sabotaging Trump votes in PA: ├Ždonis | hotep on Twitter:

Also no ID required, seems like Vanster may be a big fat liar...

SuicideSnowman 11-08-2016 14:39

Yeah funny how these machines keep breaking in Hillary's favor.

absent 11-08-2016 14:41

It'll accept a Killery vote but not a Trump vote, or it'll "accidentally" redirect your Trump vote to Killery. But that's a "calibration error". :rofl:

Fool 11-08-2016 14:43

Programming binary choices is difficult and requires millions more in government funding to work out

havax 11-08-2016 14:44

holy **** it's happening.

they are peppering podesta's twitter with his satanic pedophilia.

they are all ****ed lol

John Podesta on Twitter:

-SS- 11-08-2016 14:55


Originally Posted by Walking_Man (Post 18668752)
Did you get this out of your echo chamber vacuum and not actually know what this means? Or did you actually know that this is a result of the 2013 Shelby County v Eric Holder Supreme Court decision in which Shelby county wanted to strike down certain provisions in the Voting Rights Act that were meant to ensure minorities can vote without barriers?

Your dearly beloved Eric Holder was the one fighting against reducing the number of federal staffers monitoring polls because they're mostly all bilingual people meant to help non-whites figure out how to vote.

But I'm sure you knew that and you're not just blindly regurgitating **** you read on facebook.


Originally Posted by Walking_Man (Post 18668763)
Honestly gotta double post this bad boy cuz I can't get over how dumb your logic here is. You think that Eric Holder and the Justice Department are complicit in rigging the election and get their marching orders from the DNC and yet somehow them sending LESS of their goons out to polling places makes it easier for them to rig the election?


Thank you for your time. You're a good sport.

And still wrong. Fool owned you pretty bad.

It's a little humiliating for you, but you'll get over it.

cael 11-08-2016 14:59

nobody gets out the minority vote quite like trump dies :boogie:

Nash 11-08-2016 14:59

I cant wait for this to be over so we can all be friends again <3

-SS- 11-08-2016 15:00


Originally Posted by Eggi (Post 18668767)
most of the examples of voter suppression are due to repub meddling to make it harder for poor people and minorities to vote. that is basically ignored by people like -ss- while they repost tweets of voting machines selecting democratic candidates as evidence of a mass conspiracy to rig the election results.

that kind of blind partisan ignorance is sadly very typical as evidenced by 90% of the posts in this 20K post thread.

Quote where I did. If you make accusations up, you should always use facts instead of highly emotional knee jerk reactions. Good advice for you, well if you werent ruled by your emotions and all.

Anyway, how are they suppressed?

Do you have documented evidence or are you just spouting stuff that people from Berkeley like to say? Seems you emotional nutjobs like to accuse that which you are guilty of or are just ignorant.

Kerosene31 11-08-2016 15:00


Originally Posted by Stealth (Post 18668721)

Make America legible again

cael 11-08-2016 15:01


Originally Posted by Nash (Post 18668829)
I cant wait for this to be over so we can all be friends again <3

it'll all be over soon baby :)

SuicideSnowman 11-08-2016 15:02

Make America a ****hole like Mexico.

cael 11-08-2016 15:02


KittyCat 11-08-2016 15:02


Originally Posted by cael (Post 18668828)
nobody gets out the minority vote quite like trump dies :boogie:

KittyCat 11-08-2016 15:08

Trump already losing bad in FL and even Ohio which is scary

He couldn't even pull Ohio LOL

cael 11-08-2016 15:12

have u verified tele today?

did he make it to the bunker?

does he still have access to breitbart and zero hedge???

KittyCat 11-08-2016 15:14

I think tele may be dead already Killswitch post md5 code and he hasn't verified anything with me

I'm getting more supply and going to the bunker soon

Don't wanna be around when drones start taking out everyone on the NSA watch list

KittyCat 11-08-2016 15:14

Bill Clinton is practicing g his sax for victory performance rn

Even he can't believe his trump plan worked so well ROFL

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