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trepanation 03-30-2009 12:19

Fool 03-30-2009 12:24

Wraithed 03-30-2009 12:27


Originally Posted by SexPistol (Post 14412604)
okay I almost debated posting a new thread for this one:

oh god it was way worse than I thought in my head

I knew this week would be priceless :rofl:

Kerosene31 03-30-2009 12:37


Originally Posted by trepanation (Post 14413471)


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 14413486)


He took a bit of both their styles and made it his own!

ayz 03-30-2009 13:35

lmao sick moves dude

Calder 03-30-2009 22:36

I liked:

Mark going wrong way

and both asian and female living up to driving stereotypes.

Wufei 03-31-2009 22:11

yo sexysauce my sister wanted me to tell you that she thinks your hot

hastie 03-31-2009 22:14

pics of sister?

Kabalas 03-31-2009 23:15

FLANNEL? Is this the 90's? Oh and get pics of Ms Legs on the show.

hastie 03-31-2009 23:16

you are so lucky that the cameras weren't focused on you the entire time. Nice "commitment" btw...

Kabalas 03-31-2009 23:20

Figures a ****** won the dance competition, lol.

hastie 03-31-2009 23:28

If Ciji loses on purpose and then is put up against you, i will lol

JoMo 03-31-2009 23:30

Ciji has a kid.

Got Haggis? 03-31-2009 23:33

:lol: :rofl: at sexpistol getting "mad"

Luke 03-31-2009 23:33


SexPistol 03-31-2009 23:38


Originally Posted by Got Haggis? (Post 14419032)
:lol: :rofl: at sexpistol getting "mad"



ninja'd through another real life + iso ;]

SexPistol 03-31-2009 23:42

and another episode :]

Fool 03-31-2009 23:42

:lol: wtf is swooze thinking. I mean it's obvious geoff goes home since he's in no more previews but still :lol:

triple 03-31-2009 23:43

what happened

did you win

who was in the elimination round and who went home

SexPistol 03-31-2009 23:45

i did terrible in real life and iso

geoff did worse though so he was at bottom

swoozie won realife + iso and choosing power

swoozie just picked himself to go into elim with geoff

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