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AnubiS 03-08-2020 08:56


Originally Posted by Mr Jimmy Pop (Post 19172962)

No matter what happens us working class types lose, so might as well be entertaining.

Perhaps you should read Bernie's program


Not Me. Us.

SeVeReD 03-08-2020 11:29

Hey, get that Bernie **** out of here. This thread is all about the winning nomination of Joe Biden campaigning for Trump.


Originally Posted by absent (Post 19173562)

Edofnor 03-08-2020 12:05

~MO Joe!~

SeVeReD 03-08-2020 12:16

oh ****
Joe could win with this song
Play this after his speeches; nobody will remember his incoherency after the ****ing begins
Vote 4 Good Times Joe
Ed we could make bank as his campaign managers
(what am I missing with the time stamp; I want it to start 290s in? go to 4:50 mark)

SeVeReD 03-08-2020 20:22

I feel like this thread is taking a lot of maintenance guys. Come on all you by Biden Leaders, here's your spot to crown your champion. Yea!
He could run on the campaign slogan
Open America Up Again
It's No One's Country

cael 03-08-2020 20:37

how about no country for old mexicans

SeVeReD 03-09-2020 03:14


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19173683)
how about no country for old mexicans

Naw, that's a good President Trump slogan, but it doesn't match Joe's vision.

SeVeReD 03-09-2020 03:15

This election is going to give me my FIRST heart attack Blackpeople ; here, have one two

Hillary Clinton:


***8220;But obviously, I***8217;d like to keep that moving, and actually have it happen in this election that someone would be the first woman vice president,***8221; she added.
Anything at this ****ing time eh *****

StapleMammal1 03-09-2020 08:44

Don't be shocked if as last ditch effort to save their sorry asses HRC and Michael Obama run for President and VP.

SeVeReD 03-09-2020 11:29

More likely Biden P/Hillary VP
If Biden completely implodes maybe Michael comes in? But I see they're making lots of accommodations for Biden; going to try to hide him weaknesses.

DNC Changes Debate Rules So Biden Can Sit Down
Disabled in so many ways; Biden is winning the 'poor ol' me' identity vote

SeVeReD 03-09-2020 11:45

Comon' out and vote for Biden all you felons...

EXCLUSIVE: Voter in Harris County Was Not Eligible to Vote Under Texas Law | The Texan


Following Tuesday***8217;s primary elections, media outlets across the nation reported on excessive wait times to vote in some Texas counties, with particular focus on Hervis Rogers; a voter who allegedly waited nearly seven hours to cast his vote in the Democratic primary at Texas Southern University in Houston.

But state records indicate Hervis Rogers is not eligible to vote under Texas law.

According to records from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Rogers is on parole for a 1995 second degree felony offense conviction for burglary


Rogers***8217; parole does not end until June 13, 2020, but he had a Harris County voter registration card when he arrived at the TSU campus polling location Tuesday evening. Rogers says he got in line before 7 p.m. but did not cast his ballot until 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

verification of eligible voter registrations falls on the office of Ann Harris Bennett (D), the county***8217;s Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar.
The only reason this guy/Dims got caught was because he was on the news raising a stink about waiting to vote for over 7 hours, so people checked him out... wonder how much ineligible fraudulent voting takes place... dims will never let us figure it out.

SeVeReD 03-09-2020 12:29

Hunter Biden 'willfully and contemptuously' defying court order to turn over sensitive financial docs, contempt motion says


The case threatens to surface new information about the younger Biden's overseas dealings in Ukraine, China and elsewhere during the Obama administration -- and his father's apparent knowledge of those arrangements.

"After months of hiding, one has to wonder if the reason Hunter Biden continues to defy the court is because there are financial documents that could shed light on his father***8217;s massive conflicts of interest as vice president," Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Steve Guest told Fox News on Sunday.

StapleMammal1 03-09-2020 13:05

Burisma. Lots of fun stuff in the ledger. Turns out everyone was using the great Ukraine as a prostitute.

HumDumpin 03-09-2020 13:09

so much jealousy and contempt for a lad who landed a good job outside of government

StapleMammal1 03-09-2020 13:13


Originally Posted by HumDumpin (Post 19173863)
so much jealousy and contempt for a lad who landed a good job outside of government

Yeah, totally jealous of future inmate #2486246246.

SeVeReD 03-09-2020 13:22

Let Giuli in the court room already

SeVeReD 03-09-2020 21:19

Politico Uncovers Allegations Of Suspicious Business Dealings Involving Joe Bidenā***8364;***8482;s Brother

You guys better get on the ball. I'ma make the new Killary 4

Resident Evil 666 thread soon...

gosh, no wonder nosanebody is supporting Biden here

HumDumpin 03-09-2020 21:48


Originally Posted by StapleMammal1 (Post 19173865)
Yeah, totally jealous of future inmate #2486246246.

Hillary is still alive and clearly not locked up, why should I believe this prediction?

Empty threats from an empty head

cael 03-09-2020 23:57

lock her up !! i still believe it's coming !!!

JuggerNaught 03-10-2020 12:51


Originally Posted by HumDumpin (Post 19173564)
Corporations are the biggest welfare recipients in the US, and you voted for that.

Ever got a job from a poor person?

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