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HumDumpin 03-04-2020 21:02

creepy old biden

Captain Tele 03-04-2020 21:08

god you are going to suck that creepy old dick when he is your only option against trump

just like you did for Hillary and still do


biden can't go one day without sniffing or smelling and groping a baby

and I am here to compile those great gifs as the big day arrives


clu 03-04-2020 21:59

women sniffing we can do at the grocer it's the nine-year-old sniffing that's hard to swing

SeVeReD 03-05-2020 00:22


Originally Posted by HumDumpin (Post 19172479)

If you've been following
You know Epstein's money came from Mossad
and was to be used to blackmail influential people
He had a lot of money and that attracts others with money
Trump is in the circle of money
but Epstein didn't snare him
or President Donald Trump
would be favored by the media

so no, not evidence

SeVeReD 03-05-2020 00:25

And now
Back on track
EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Touted Connections In 2019 While Pitching UCLA Law On Letting Him Teach Drug Policy Course | The Daily Caller


Hunter Biden cited political connections in 2019 while pitching the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law on letting him teach a drug policy course, emails reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation show.
The talks broke down after Hunter failed to ***8220;submit further materials for the proposed course,***8221; a UCLA Law spokesman told the DCNF.
Former Vice President Joe Biden said in October 2019 that Hunter was ***8220;gonna be teaching at law school next year.***8221;

cael 03-05-2020 00:28

I can't believe bidens kids would try to trade on their dads connections unlike the trump kids who got ahead by being extremely stable business geniuses

SeVeReD 03-05-2020 00:32

Ya go ahead
Try to make that comparison
Go ahead though
post away

I'll start

cael 03-05-2020 00:36

I can't believe somebody would use daddy to get ahead, how long has this kind of thing been going on?

clu 03-05-2020 00:36

OAN i love it you guys always deliver never failing to disappoint

SeVeReD 03-05-2020 00:47

You're right
I don't need to go to all that detail you can't understand.
See any problem here for Mr. Biden and his family?

havax 03-05-2020 01:04

Biden could have stood up on that stage with a loaded shotgun and shot a toddler to death and then ****ed the bloody corpse and these liberals/trolls wouldn't give a ****. They can't see blatant criminality, only orange man bad probably.

clu 03-05-2020 01:17

some criminality is more equal than others

cael 03-05-2020 01:40

he could stand on 5th ave and shoot someone and we wouldn't care!!

absent 03-05-2020 04:16

Why are repugnants so against Biden? He's basically to the right of Trump on everything.

Greedo909 03-05-2020 04:56


Originally Posted by absent (Post 19172574)
Why are repugnants so against Biden? He's basically to the right of Trump on everything.

seems as if only the paid CorporAtE shiLls are supporting biden

HumDumpin 03-05-2020 07:40

lol u all act like he paid a 2 year old 200,000 a year for a no show job

SeVeReD 03-06-2020 01:22

Bumping the Biden Malarkey
Report: Ron Johnson to Release Interim Findings in Burisma-Biden Probe


Senate Republicans are planning to release an interim report on their probe into Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma and the role former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden may have played in helping the company evade investigations by sitting on the company’s board, according to a report.
I wonder if Mitt is tired of this yet; Thing I hope he moves over to the Dims side.


House Democrats are preparing to accuse Republicans who investigate Burisma and the Bidens of trying to hurt Biden’s presidential run, as well as aiding “a potential Russian disinformation campaign,” according to the report.

After hearing nothing about Burisma over the course of the last couple weeks, the Republicans will revive it in a perfect demonstration of what this means to them, which is to be a cudgel to beat Joe Biden with,” Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, told the outlet.
****ing Lindsay
I've told him to play this 24/7

easilyodd 03-06-2020 02:31


Originally Posted by AnubiS (Post 19172149)
No, you're just a cockroach that will keep on being smashed by the top 1%

At what % does the smashing stop?

blackpeople 03-06-2020 02:44


SeVeReD 03-06-2020 10:55

Susan Rice, James Comey, John Brennan Backing Joe Biden


Former President Barack Obama***8217;s national security leaders came out this week right before Super Tuesday to announce their support for former colleague Joe Biden, in apparent hopes to tip the scales against his non-establishment competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).
You think there's any way I could get these guys to watch the video? Maybe they haven't seen it?

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