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samUwell 11-29-2016 20:43

wtf nuclear bbqsauce incoming? Turkey ain't turkeying around; wants to destroy the world


Turkey invades Syria to remove Bashar al-Assad

President Erdogan of Turkey has issued a statement saying his troops have entered Syria with the intention of ousting President Assad.

Turkey has been illegally running soldiers, artillery and infantry in and out of Syria for much of the duration of the present conflict. Now, however, the proxy and shadow war, which Turkey has been waging against the Syrian Arab Republic, has just become official.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just announced that Turkish troops have entered Syria with the intention of removing President Assad from power. It is a formal declaration of war.

Erdogan***8217;s announcement comes shortly after Russia and Turkey reconciled following a period of highly strained diplomatic relations as a result of Turkey downing a Russian jet over Syria in 2015.

Part of the reconciliation agreement made between Presidents Putin and Erdogan, stated that the two countries will cooperate over Syria. If Turkey aims to use her military to oust Assad, this agreement is as good as dead, and what***8217;s more, by declaring war on the legitimate government of Syria, Turkey is by extrapolation, declaring war on Russia.

The flippancy with which Erdogan conducts foreign policy may well be his undoing. He is clearly fearful that when Donald Trump takes office, all of the major international players will be stacked against the mutual ambition of Turkey and the terrorists operating in Syria to remove Assad.
*edit -


Turkey entered Syria to end al-Assad***8217;s rule: President Erdo***287;an

***8220;In my estimation, nearly 1 million people have died in Syria. These deaths are still continuing without exception for children, women and men. Where is the United Nations? What is it doing? Is it in Iraq? No. We preached patience but could not endure in the end and had to enter Syria together with the Free Syrian Army [FSA],***8221; Erdo***287;an said at the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul.

***8220;Why did we enter? We do not have an eye on Syrian soil. The issue is to provide lands to their real owners. That is to say we are there for the establishment of justice. We entered there to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn***8217;t enter] for any other reason,***8221; the president said.
Erdo***287;an also said the U.N. could not provide justice with its current structure, suggesting that all continents and all belief groups around the world should be represented at the Security Council apart from the five permanent members. The president has constantly voiced his criticism on the structure of the Security Council, saying ***8220;the world is bigger than five,***8221; referring to the number of permanent members.

As Turkey***8217;s operation inside Syria continues, an offensive by the Syrian government with the help of its allies on the besieged parts of eastern Aleppo continued on Nov. 29, pushing rebels to pull back to a more defensible front line after losing control of a key district.

KingSobieski 11-29-2016 20:45

interesting........ the ultra religious Daesh and Turkey want to destroy secular and progressive Syria? Strange..........

btw Turkey has US nukes at Incirlik airbase.

spockhammer 11-29-2016 20:46


SeVeReD 11-29-2016 20:55

**** backing Turkey
We better not back Turkey
oh we are backing turkey
why do i feel like i'm on the wrong side
where's trump

cael 11-29-2016 20:56

turkey is a member of nato, if they get attacked by russia you have to back em

russia's got troops/planes in country

this just got interesting

KingSobieski 11-29-2016 21:04

this is why we can't have nice things

NightTrain 11-29-2016 21:11

Turkey just using a different excuse to kill more Kurds

KingSobieski 11-29-2016 21:12

kurds seriously need some sovereignty after putting up with all this ****. they should get israel

NightTrain 11-29-2016 21:15


Originally Posted by cael (Post 18681789)
turkey is a member of nato, if they get attacked by russia you have to back em

Not if they are getting attacked in Syria.

phaytal 11-29-2016 21:48

Tele I think you are a fairly leveled headed person most of the time. But then you sidestep someone's point with some blather about how things are and have been for the last 30 years and expect us to be like 'Oh, good point. Maybe Trump can make a difference here, and bring manufacturing back'.

No. Trump isn't going to bring back manufacturing jobs. It will be his most hollow promise. There aren't manufacturing jobs to bring back if:

a: Americans expect to make a 'living wage' doing those jobs
b: America expects to be globally competitive with those products

It's that ****ing simple.

For anyone to deny that is living in a campaign speech. The subsidies required to make that happen would put governmental tax recoup in the red, especially when the windfall of the inflated costs of said products fall to the middle/lower middle class as consumers.

cael 11-29-2016 21:49


Originally Posted by NightTrain (Post 18681804)
Not if they are getting attacked in Syria.

true but then it's risk free for turkey

KingSobieski 11-29-2016 21:50

trump negotiated with carrier to keep 1000 jobs in indiana

JoMo 11-29-2016 21:53

Trump/Romney and Rinsed Penis at their dinner tonight.

LOL the faces..

cael 11-29-2016 21:53

1000 / 2000




Vir 11-29-2016 21:55

Romney insulted by the tiny ass scallops

phaytal 11-29-2016 22:01

U14s. Peasant scallops.

Reggs 11-29-2016 23:08

This has been a really fun 3 weeks or so since he won the election. I'm enjoying this so much!

SuperTrap 11-29-2016 23:08

Trump had steak and Romney had lamb. *****

JoMo 11-29-2016 23:18

I think Romney bent the knee, and I think when Trump said he could have Romney begging, he wasn't kidding.

Mitt Romney speaks well of Donald Trump after dinner meeting - Washington Times

Odio 11-29-2016 23:34

Brasstax 11-29-2016 23:38

The country is all ready doing better and the man isn't even president yet. Although - I think he is wrong about the flag burning. I admit - I hate it. I saw people burning flags back when I was a kid. I couldn't understand it at all. Today - I understand it better. Let's make sure there are a couple of things that are clear - it is an act of hate. It borders on an act of treason.

So - folks who burn the flag will always receive hate in return. And that's fair. People who burn a flag may incite violence. They might get the **** kicked out of them, they might get shot, they might be told by others to get the **** out of the country. It is a disrespectful act to all those that have served and live in our country.

Allow it? I feel like free speech is important because it is one of the things we fight for. I also feel there are better ways to make a point than burning a flag - it doesn't impress anyone except other dip****s. If someone burns a flag and they get a beat down - I think the flag burner should be charged with inciting violence and disturbing the peace. Just because we have free speech - it doesn't absolve us from the law. If someone wants to go burn a flag - why not go do it with other like minded individuals on private property? Yeah - not so fun is it. Why? Because they want a reaction. If the reaction is violence and disruption - there you have it.

So - go ahead - burn those flags. Just realize there are people who view that as an extreme insult and they may take you out. Perhaps another more elegant, more eloquent, more effective manner of communication would be a better choice.

Fool 11-29-2016 23:42

The irony is that when they made burning the flag legal, it became less controversial. Look at me rebelling against the system by doing something the system allows me to do.

Brasstax 11-29-2016 23:56

Exactly. I admire Trump's dedication to the country, however he is going to have to choose his battles. I am a believer that one of the best ways to deal with a dip**** is to ignore the dip****. Also to avoid the dip****. And then to create environments that the dip**** cannot get into or even know exists. Yes - basically a #disp****safespace. And that is what much of America has become. Two lands - dip****ville and notdip****ville. Of course, those in dip****ville believe they are living in notdip****ville. You can't fight your way into notdip****ville. You have to prove you are not a dip**** by your behavior. There are some dip****s allowed in notdip****ville - but everyone knows they are a dip**** and hope they convert. It really doesn't work the other way around.

Fool 11-30-2016 00:05

I think it depends how much credit you want to give him. Saying this does a few things. 1) Solidifies his nationalist base, 2) Enrages people who will never like or vote for him, 3) Creates cognitive dissonance in centrists who voted for Hillary when it's revealed that the tweet is the exact wording of her Flag Protection Act of 2005.

Brasstax 11-30-2016 00:13

I get the game - but in the end - I am not sure it's worth it. People will just make flags missing a star or a stripe and claim that the flag they burned was not a US flag and on and on and on. Because what they want is the reaction.

StapleMammal1 11-30-2016 00:19

3. Seems to be the purpose of the tweet.

Brasstax 11-30-2016 00:27

At some point - we have to quit pissing each other off and do some **** that benefits all of us.

Odio 11-30-2016 00:28

If you can get the weak links to implode/selfdestruct before you put and real stress on them, it will be better for all the other links in the long run.

Fool 11-30-2016 00:34

I mean he got CNN and MSNBC to spend all day bashing legislation Hillary Clinton proposed.

Brasstax 11-30-2016 00:43

The guy isn't even president yet and they are really pissing him off with this recount BS. He is doing a great job already under heavy fire. He is a master troll - no doubt. I have always said he would fit right in on TW. Maybe he can do his job by day and troll the **** out of everyone at night and it will be beautiful. Brave new world.

cael 11-30-2016 00:46

i wonder if there was some way to figure out what cnn and msnbc thought of it back in 2005 when hillary proposed it

nah im just gonna ****post on tw instead

Togowack 11-30-2016 00:52

Everything back fired on them. And the church knew about it as far back as 2007. They wanted an engineered demolition of USA, but it was a demolition of their own power and anything connected to them.

Trump and Bill Gates!!!

Kim didn't know what he was talking about, he only had a partial word at the time.

cael 11-30-2016 00:54

praise be!

Brasstax 11-30-2016 00:55

lol - I just looked at that Togo post - hovered my mouse over the play button and this went through my head - "Do I really want to click on a Togo link?" And my mouse pointer just kind of slunk away down to the reply box.

Rooster128 11-30-2016 01:00

i understand that burning the flag offends people... and i'd never do it myself.

but really tons more to be upset about.

do people still get upset when people put the cross upside down too?

Fool 11-30-2016 01:06

It's not about the flag at all. With a single tweet, he controlled the entire media cycle, and got hundreds of morons to go out and burn flags on TV. It reinforces a more nationalist narrative, exposes the media for the shills that they are, and publicizes the moronic imagery of the radical left.

Trump is radicalizing moronism.

spockhammer 11-30-2016 01:19


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18681884)
It's not about the flag at all. With a single tweet, he controlled the entire media cycle, and got hundreds of morons to go out and burn flags on TV. It reinforces a more nationalist narrative, exposes the media for the shills that they are, and publicizes the moronic imagery of the radical left.

Trump is radicalizing moronism.

spockhammer 11-30-2016 01:39


Originally Posted by absent (Post 18681760)
Just out of curiosity, what's your go-to cure to edumuhcate 85-IQ ******s properly?

mdma but no death kill punching

eddy lee sk8boarding works too. BUT YA HAD TO TAKE THAT TOO DIDNT U TOM U TOOK IT ALL U JUST HAD TO :(

Gouge 11-30-2016 01:42

This is how wars start!

THE CONSERVATIVE PURGE BEGINS=> Apple Removes Breitbart From Their App Store

Reggs 11-30-2016 01:46

Yeah, you guys are misunderstanding the flag burning tweet. Trump has zero desire to make flag burning illegal. It's a troll move because Clinton proposed that as law before. And this is hot on the heels of all this recount bull**** when Clinton said it was a threat to democracy before as well.

I was thinking about it today. Since I've been old enough to vote, there has never been a time when the left has been so radical. The left just falls for this stuff time after time, and the repetition has been so frequent lately. Defending castro, the recount, all the articles about internment camps, homos believing there is going to be a gay holocaust any day now then Trump says it's a settled issue which by default makes him the most LGBT friendly president in history. These puppets just won't stop dancing and it's just divorcing independence from the leaderless liberal base more and more. They just look absolutely foolish and crazed now.

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