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Falhawk 01-25-2021 19:10


Originally Posted by SeVeReD (Post 19291816)
They fired her because now that they've stolen the election,

now they want to appear moderate... and yes, the Usefuls taste great to them.

comon' back to the newyourslimes we're moderate, in the middle, the only ones telling you the truth

not like any of those crazy conspiracy theorists... just follow this road down the middle we've created

Tehvul wants to know, do you smell toast?

Lozza Mate 01-25-2021 19:16

Rudy Giuliani facing $1.3bn lawsuit over false election fraud claims - LBC

cael 01-25-2021 19:26


Originally Posted by KingSobieski (Post 19291877)
Sara was severely under appreciated as being a woman, smart, intelligent, charismatic etc - SNL portrays her like this

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that looks just like her maybe a little less crazy

Pagy 01-25-2021 19:28


Originally Posted by Lozza Mate (Post 19291898)

i dont think youll find too many people feeling sorry for them. They walked into that ****.

rudy might be the alpha dog when it comes to failing upwards. I mean i have no idea how he has a home to live in. I mean ive met homeless people that seem to have their **** together better.

Vanster 01-25-2021 19:51

Qanon now saying that Trump will be sworn in on March 4th.

QAnon Believers Push New Trump Conspiracy Theories on TikTok - Rolling Stone

uno 01-25-2021 19:52

Qanon on tiktok :lol:

I hope they have a good beat and dance while delivering the news

lemon 01-25-2021 20:05

vanster is a scholar of the q


cael 01-25-2021 20:08

trust the new plan not the old plan

Al'Muktar 01-25-2021 20:24

new plan was always the old plan it's just the old plan was new-qs misinterpreting the plan

clu 01-25-2021 20:33

needing to see some real fat jewbag mammoth ****. not even caring about the shape i need to see the pendulum. is emy jewish? where's hard drive or kurayami or whoever hook us up

cael 01-25-2021 20:42

i don't follow q anymore all based patriots are following e

havax 01-25-2021 20:46

i follow cael's mom on fb. she a dime piece

clu 01-25-2021 20:47

poor trampf was like a fish out of water with E and whatnot. easily browbeaten with statments like "it's just like NYC donald, you have to do it this way". i'll bet every one of trump's pentalgon appointees (if they were real), had so much epstein tier dirt on them, trump eventually realized, he needed to GTFO.

hell, he could of stuck with it and got the JFK treatment. talk about decisions under pressure

cael 01-25-2021 20:47

even my mom knows that the texas rangers didn't raid solarwinds

SeVeReD 01-25-2021 20:54

I didn't know that? Who told you that.
WTF do you listen to. period because i don't really care

samUwell 01-25-2021 20:56


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19291944)
i don't follow q anymore all based patriots are following e

Agreed with the E.
Me and the ex-wife e'ing balls.

SeVeReD 01-25-2021 20:59

e is trippin' everything up
gl world

cael 01-25-2021 21:00

e's a helluva drug

TrojanMan421 01-25-2021 21:03

looks like a great time sam!

cael 01-25-2021 21:05

the only thing I never understood about qanon is if they hate pedos so much why do they hang out on 8chan with all the pedos

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