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JuggerNaught 01-20-2021 18:01

There would be no politicians in D.C.

Kiint 01-20-2021 18:02


Originally Posted by lemontw (Post 19289446)
kuunt has blown a gasket

JuggerNaught 01-20-2021 18:02


Originally Posted by Kiint (Post 19289445)
Well **** man, you CLEARLY speak for the entire population of Puerto Rico with those credentials.

seething reeeee meltdown in progress

havax 01-20-2021 18:03


Originally Posted by Kiint (Post 19289447)
I support the idea of politicians world wide being held to the standards of the courts, with a legal obligation to tell the truth or face contempt, with fines or imprisonment depending on the gravity of the lie.


and who's truth are you wanting?

cael 01-20-2021 18:03

where the checks at joe the ppl want they money

Kiint 01-20-2021 18:03


Originally Posted by havax (Post 19289452)

and who's truth are you wanting?

The kind that stands up in court.

DocHolliday 01-20-2021 18:04


Originally Posted by MC Hamster (Post 19289433)
AKA: cities are how civilisation advances. They are by definition, progressive. The concentration of people means more exposure for all of them to differing views and ideas which those in the surrounding & supporting rural areas lag behind. Their exposure to new concepts are therefore stuck in an eternal twilight, lagging behind and never quite catching up with the rest of their society.

Change is not always better. I see a growing gap in this regard in my area. I will acknowledge its probably different in different areas. That's just a given. The smugness coming from certain areas of Chicago only grows and its getting to the point that everyone around them hates them. The area I live in has over 9 million people (Chicago and surrounding burbs). The areas where this smugness is pervasive is quite a bit smaller than this in both area and population. I find more like minded, good friendly people in areas like Bridgeport (more blue collar and old school city/ghetto mix) than I do in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, etc (hipster place to be).

I had some friends that went down that road. They are no longer friends. Their cliques stink of high school bull****. They are so caught up in their money (I make more) and moral perfection they are impossible to be around and the irony of their behaviors is obvious to everyone but them.

Kiint 01-20-2021 18:04


Originally Posted by JuggerNaught (Post 19289451)
seething reeeee meltdown in progress

KittyCat 01-20-2021 18:06

Where is my 2k

The neets better start flowing

Animo 01-20-2021 18:07

Why didn***8217;t Trump attend the inauguration?

lemon 01-20-2021 18:07

Folks ***8212; This will be the account for my official duties as President. At 12:01 PM on January 20th, it will become
. Until then, I'll be using
. And while you're here, follow

Lozza Mate 01-20-2021 18:15

SeVeReD 01-20-2021 18:17

Begging for you to join his twat hahahaha
and he can't even come close to the real President Trump

cael 01-20-2021 18:18

T-Dawg 01-20-2021 18:24

Dear Juggle****

Kiint 01-20-2021 18:26


Originally Posted by T-Dawg (Post 19289467)

Soy candles ...

LAN centers ...

AIDS water ...

Image checks out.

KittyCat 01-20-2021 18:29

Well always have miga and our time together as bunker *****es

They can't take that away from us :flag:

JuggerNaught 01-20-2021 18:37

Reees reaching critical levels

Al'Muktar 01-20-2021 18:40

o also

while reading up on the q stuff, especially that take by the game designer (thanks haggis), i realised what it all reminded me of:

The Third Wave (experiment) - Wikipedia.

like totally

KittyCat 01-20-2021 18:42

Not my president

Ps yall got any vegan shaman meals

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