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Animo 01-20-2021 14:59

He seems twice as old as Trump lol

Falhawk 01-20-2021 15:01


Originally Posted by JuggerNaught (Post 19289205)
Can you really be mad at alec baldwin for being all about his wife?


She's ****ing insane though. Born and raised in an incredibly expensive area of Boston and now pretends that English is her second language.

cael 01-20-2021 15:03

executive orders incoming

Animo 01-20-2021 15:05

Don***8217;t forget:

99% taxes for all
1100Million illegals forced into USA even if they don***8217;t want it
Required gender reassignment surgery for everyone
Amen will be replaced with Awomen

havax 01-20-2021 15:06


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19289235)
executive orders incoming

Looks like a fine plan to begin destroying our country quickly.

Trust the plan.

KittyCat 01-20-2021 15:08

cael 01-20-2021 15:08

Amazon offers to help U.S. with vaccine in letter to President Biden | Reuters

praise bezos

Kiint 01-20-2021 15:08

Havax is going to have a mental break any day now.

Animo 01-20-2021 15:09

Please report to your gender reassignment surgery IMMEDIATELY

KittyCat 01-20-2021 15:09

Chrom 01-20-2021 15:10

What a rollercoaster this thread has been. I've enjoyed it, watching people disintegrate, get fired up, laugh, and flat out been crazy.

It will be one of the greatest HoF threads.

Thankyou all for your participation.

@FBI, you can log out now.

KittyCat 01-20-2021 15:10

I can't wait to pay more in taxes for gender reassignment

I wish they offered somewhere on my taxes would have gladly signed up during trump era too

:boogie: don't you feel good knowing where your tax dollars are going havax

cael 01-20-2021 15:10

this thread was truly amazing front row seats watching maga turn into bitterness early on then full blown denial after losing the election

havax 01-20-2021 15:11

Greatest HOF thread for the greatest president in our lifetime. gg, shut her down, boys.

cael 01-20-2021 15:12

turns out u don't get to keep ur bathrooms under bidens plan

Chrom 01-20-2021 15:13

Even the tags on this thread are hilarious!

Vanster 01-20-2021 15:14


Originally Posted by havax (Post 19289249)
Greatest HOF thread for the greatest president in our lifetime. gg, shut her down, boys.


We've still got to plan where to put the Trump presidential library, and what to put in it, lol.

Sometime later this month, we unseal indictments, and we'll be talking about them in here.

Gouge 01-20-2021 15:16

JuggerNaught 01-20-2021 15:16


Originally Posted by amRam (Post 19289231)
If the vaccine works as advertised it would alleviate the pressure on healthcare systems via lessening the severity of symptoms. It'll be a new annual shot just like the flu, and that's the end of it.

I'm hearing that you still have to wear a mask because you're still infectious even after you get the vaccine. So whats the point

cael 01-20-2021 15:18

trump rly left without pardoning the ppl he sent to the capitol after grifting the fuk out of them for 2 months :lol:

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