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naptown 04-07-2016 22:59

even the most battle hardened millennial veterans who savagely murdered afghan civilians arent ready for a revolution

no one is

its unnecessary though, because bloodshed won't change human nature

its only when we segregate, will we see the true colors of one's heritage.

the muds will eat eachother like rats, and White's will still ignorantly try to rehabilitate wild animals, and our hands will be bitten by the animals we feed (again)

time is time is time


Togowack 04-08-2016 00:30

Some of us are ready. The army knows this and they call it chiseling away the fat.

Rick Joyner described the battle ground of today perfectly 25 years ago:


Originally Posted by The Church
Trailing behind these first divisions was a vast multitude of other Christians who were prisoners of this army. They were all wounded, and were guarded by little demons of Fear. There seemed to be more prisoners than there were demons in the army. Surprisingly, these prisoners still had their swords and shields, but they did not use them. It was shocking to see that so many could be kept captive by so few of these little demons of Fear. These could have easily been destroyed or driven off if the prisoners had just used their weapons. Above the prisoners the sky was black with vultures named Depression. These would land on the shoulders of a prisoner and vomit on him. The vomit was Condemnation. When the vomit hit a prisoner he would stand up and march a little straighter for a while, and then slump over, even weaker than before. Again, I wondered why the prisoners did not simply kill these vultures with their swords, which they could have easily done.
Occasionally a weak prisoner would stumble and fall. As soon as he or she hit the ground, the other prisoners would begin stabbing them with their swords, scorning them as they did so. They would then call for the vultures to begin devouring the fallen one even before they were dead.
As I watched, I realized that these prisoners thought that the vomit of condemnation was truth from God. Then I understood that these prisoners actually thought they were marching in the army of God! This is why they did not kill the little demons of fear, or the vultures-they thought these were messengers from God! The darkness from the cloud of vultures made it so hard for these prisoners to see that they naively accepted everything that happened to them as
being from the Lord.


Originally Posted by Bernie Sanders supporters
A messenger came up to me, gave me a trumpet and told me to blow it quickly. I did, and those who had on at least some of their armor immediately responded, snapping to attention. More armor was brought to them, which they put on quickly. I noticed that those who had wounds did not put armor over their wounds, but before I could say anything about these enemy arrows began raining down on us. Everyone who did not have on all of his or her armor was wounded. Those who had not covered their wounds were struck again in the same place.

Those who were hit by arrows of slander immediately began to slander those who were not wounded. Those who were hit with gossip began to gossip, and soon a major division had been created within our camp. Then vultures swooped down to pick up the wounded to deliver them into the camp of prisoners. The wounded still had swords and could have smitten the vultures easily, but they didn't.

They were actually carried off willingly because they were so angry at the rest of us.

The scene among those in the camp behind our army was even worse. There seemed to be total chaos. Thousands lay on the ground wounded and groaning. Many of those who were not wounded just sat in a stupor of unbelief. The wounded and those who sat in unbelief were being quickly carried away by the vultures. Some were trying to help the wounded, and keep the vultures off of them, but the wounded were so angry they would threaten and drive away those who were trying to help them.

Many who were not wounded were simply running as fast as they could from the scene of battle. This first
encounter with the enemy was so devastating that I was tempted to join them in their flight. Then, very quickly, some of these began reappearing with full suits of armor on, and large shields. The mirth of the party had changed into an awesome resolve. They began to take the places of those who had fallen, and even began forming new ranks to protect the rear and flanks. These brought great courage, and everyone resolved to stand and fight until death.
Immediately three great angels named Faith, Hope, and Love came and stood behind us, and everyone's shield began
to grow.

They'll come around - after a few more assaults.

JoMo 04-09-2016 22:09

So, Kasich has been running ads against Cruz, and he teamed up with Trump to deny Cruz delegates in Michigan. Cruz campaign says they were "double-crossed"by Kasich's people.

Kasich is very popular in Ohio and could turn the purple state Republican in the general election.

So, is there a new alliance between Trump/Kasich? Kasich is seemingly the only person Trump didn't come up with a 'nickname' for.

LouCypher 04-10-2016 07:00


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18554479)
So, is there a new alliance between Trump/Kasich? Kasich is seemingly the only person Trump didn't come up with a 'nickname' for.

Trump has probably made all sorts of deals and promises to get former opponents on board.

Christie = Attorney General
Ben Carson = Surgeon General
Kasich = VP

Cruz is staying in because he's smart enough to know Trump can't win, but too dumb to realize he can't either.

KingSobieski 04-10-2016 10:04

Trump make many great deal. He is benevolent leader and all he does he does for us. All heil lord savior and holiness heir Trumpler.

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[N]PRIME189 04-10-2016 10:49

Trump is gonna out Cruz in the BOO box.

MasterGnr 04-10-2016 19:18

I love the **** Colorado just pulled. Can a class action lawsuit by conservative voters in CO be filed against the RNC?? I hope so!

I am beginning to think its going to be Bernie. Hillary gets indicted and the GOP pulls some bull**** like this...lowest voter turnout for presidential election ever.

KingSobieski 04-10-2016 19:23

Let the bodies hit the floor

CapnPyro 04-10-2016 19:26

It'll be trump, he'll be next potus. If he embraces Kasich it won't even be close

KingSobieski 04-10-2016 19:29

If Trump wins I hope he remodels the White House and makes it the Gold House.

CapnPyro 04-10-2016 19:32

It's funny to think that if trump wins he'll be the first president to take a major step down in quality of life. If you look at interior photos of trumps plane and Air Force 1 trumps is nicer by a mile, same for living conditions from trumps houses to the White House. POTUS's **** is a dump next to how trump lives. Major pay cut too.

Flipp 04-10-2016 19:36

good way 2 finish brilliantman resume

KingSobieski 04-10-2016 20:35

- Mission Statement

To be the most interesting man alive.

- Skills

Making money.

- Job Experience

1st job - Being millionaire

2nd job - Being billionaire

3rd job - Being USA president cause why the **** not

- References

The entire population of the United States

TAA WAR 04-10-2016 21:27

Totally not a rigged election guys.

coombz 04-10-2016 21:30


Originally Posted by TAA WAR (Post 18554804)
Totally not a rigged election guys.


naive much?

LouCypher 04-10-2016 22:03


Originally Posted by CapnPyro (Post 18554746)
It'll be trump, he'll be next potus. If he embraces Kasich it won't even be close

Trump would be lucky to get 45% of the vote in a national election. It doesn't matter if it's Sanders or Clinton, we're going to have Democrats in the White House for a while.

TAA WAR 04-10-2016 22:23


Originally Posted by coombz (Post 18554806)

naive much?


Gouge 04-10-2016 22:27

****s getting serious!

coombz 04-10-2016 22:32


Originally Posted by Gouge (Post 18554824)

comments on there pretty hilarious :lol:

JuggerNaught 04-10-2016 22:41


Originally Posted by Gouge (Post 18554824)


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