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lemon 04-03-2016 20:45

that aggressive ***** is really 15?

Captain Tele 04-03-2016 20:46


Originally Posted by LouCypher (Post 18551104)
The first aggressive act was old pervy guy thinking it's ok to put your hands on someone you're arguing with. You can call it an accident, with no real harm done. It directly instigated her response, the second aggressive act, which considering the level of contact was inappropriate.

There you go...touching is assault

Which is why you should punch a cop when they touch you.

Oh, wait, cops are special.

Only they can de-escalate a situation

own guns

make decisions

state is great

nom nom nom 300 lb fat **** alabamian reporting

LouCypher 04-03-2016 20:57

Captain Teletubbie so :mad:

Captain Tele 04-03-2016 20:58

better than :ftard:

and srsly

and hmm

and bacon

LouCypher 04-03-2016 21:01


Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18551139)
better than :ftard:

^ you

Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18551139)
and srsly

^ your mother

Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18551139)
and hmm

^ your father

Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18551139)
and bacon

^ what you use for soap

Validuz 04-03-2016 23:05


Originally Posted by LouCypher (Post 18551104)
I don't like anybody in this ****ing video, but I hate the ****** in the red cap the most, and he's probably the doppelganger of a lot of Trump supporters in this thread (like you, havax, and Validuz).

I'm not Trump supporter.

I am however, anti-retard, which is why I clash with your idiotic views so much.

Remember everyone: it's the other people's fault that the woman broke the law, stormed into a group of opposing supporters, shoving people out of the way and screaming in their faces, then punching one because she alleges she was groped, even though no one touched her, and it was her fault that a PIECE OF PAPER grazed her jacket.

It's not her fault though, gais!


Captain Tele 04-03-2016 23:42

she's the victim

her non-existent breasts were non-existent brushed by a stack of papers during a heated debate

so she was compelled to punch someone

she's the victim

****...assault.....and ptsd according to LouCy

motoxbudd 04-03-2016 23:44

val, i cant ****ing figure u or coombz out. one min yall r typical ultra ****ing ignorant braindead pc white apologist self hating islamic terrorist (obama) big black dick suckin commie libtard ****wits, one min yall seem to actually have functional human brains capable of logic n ****. what the **** gives? i think its safe to just keep ya both on my **** list and ignore the occasional sensible posts ya both make

StapleMammal1 04-04-2016 01:56

motoxbudd 04-04-2016 02:04

stomping/burning/****ting/pissing/cumming on american flag is just as disgusting as much of the racial/sexist/religious bigoted bs that is uttered by trump and his supporters (me included), all of which is protected by our constitution. its called freedom. dont matter who it offends. ****in deal with it

Brasstax 04-04-2016 02:10

Sad. Guy is on the edge of tears and can barely make eye contact. He is in an awesome country. I don't understand why that guy is the way he is and the following guy is the way he is - has to be parents.

Most people are their own worst enemy - regardless of color.

RU485 04-04-2016 02:19


Shiloh 04-04-2016 02:25


Originally Posted by lemon (Post 18551123)
that aggressive ***** is really 15?

no. she is 19. but its not like Lou cares about facts.

StapleMammal1 04-04-2016 02:27

That one guy called her a "****** loving communist".

Brasstax 04-04-2016 02:43

I have never been the type to want to go to a rally or a protest. They seem like a giant waste of time. I also don't hang out with people who do. They also seem like a giant waste of time. If I am going to get together with people - it is going to be for music or something entertaining. Not a bunch of hot air and self-righteous or grumpy people. If I want something changed - I figure out a more productive/direct way to fix something.

Also - I think one of the biggest problems for angry black youth is that they picked their role models incorrectly. It is not wise to pick a role model that basically has "**** you" money. That type of money isn't easy to come by. Only a really small percentage of people - whatever their color - are going to have **** you money. Actually - the concept of ****-you money is stupid. To be happy - you have to love to work. Even if you have a **** ton of cash - you need to be excited about work.

I think most of these young black kids choose musicians or athletes as their role models and think that they will have that kind of lifestyle. Then - they feel cheated and blame white people when they realize they will have to work for their entire life. On someone else's terms. They will have to speak correctly and wear business clothes. They have to be on-time and put out extra effort.

Most of these kids have had a teacher or someone tell them early on "You need to study and work hard to make it" And they have laughed and said **** you to all that. Now - they are stuck. And pissed. And ready to steal from others. I have no faith in the police at all. That's why I choose to get far away from losers who picked bad role models and thought they could cheat the system. It's not color I stay away from - rather it is similar work ethics and beliefs that I surround myself with. I actually can't stand how white some people are. I don't spend time with them either. But - at the same time I know that honky white business man won't be stealing my **** or trying to kill me. Probably.

motoxbudd 04-04-2016 03:12

tmeftw brass (too much effort for tw) also tldr. u say nice stuff, just too much

epidemic 04-04-2016 03:15

Donald Trump is now the least popular American politician in three decades


For months, as Donald Trump lurched from controversy to controversy, commentators marveled that his voters remained loyal: Trump is impervious to political attack, some said.

Not so. Trump wasn't immune; analysts were just failing to look at the whole board.

While Trump***8217;s polarizing campaign did not dent his standing with core supporters in the Republican primaries, it took a punishing toll on how the rest of the electorate views him. Trump***8217;s image, which was poor even before he ran for president, has plunged to an unequaled low. Among scores of major political figures measured in polls over the last 30 years, Trump***8217;s numbers are the worst.

If Trump were to win the GOP presidential nomination with his current public image, he would be the most unpopular nominee in the history of U.S. opinion surveys, veteran Democratic pollster Peter Hart said in an email.

***8220;By a lot,***8221; he added.

The share of Americans with an unfavorable view of Trump is extraordinary: 68% in the most recent Bloomberg poll, 67% in the CNN/ORC survey, 67% in the ABC/Washington Post poll, 65% from Gallup. The 57% unfavorable rating he received in the most recent CBS/New York Times survey looks mild by comparison.

All that **** talking bit him in the ass. Most unpopular in polls since fukin Richard M. Nixon. Time 2 jump off the sinkin' ship folks.

LouCypher 04-04-2016 03:17


Originally Posted by Shiloh (Post 18551300)
no. she is 19. but its not like Lou cares about facts.

The girl that threw the punch is 15. Another 19 year old girl got some in her face too. But it's not like any of you care about facts.
15yo Girl Pepper-Sprayed at Trump Rally Could Be Charged With Crime
15-year-old pepper-sprayed outside Donald Trump rally
UPDATE: 15-year-old facing charges for incident at Trump rally; Search for pepper spray suspect continues

You're getting this "she is 19" crap from this:

Originally Posted by CapnPyro (Post 18550031)
she's 19 for whatever it matters, the media reported her age wrong then never corrected it. more sympathetic that way, i guess, rather than her just being yet another insane college student.

Even the "article" CapnPyro linked corrected itself.

You ****ing retards.

motoxbudd 04-04-2016 03:22

its very unpopular to tell the truth. deal with it ****tard. hes gonna be president, and you will be skull smashed by a sledge hammer along with all the other ***** hurt ****heads whove been trying to destroy america for past decade when yer pc butthurt ***** brigade makes its last stand

epidemic 04-04-2016 03:27

we all kno he can do no wrong by his supporters

but at this point its delusional to think he can turn his image around if he gets the nomination

he might be a snake oil salesmen but when u talk that much **** on the national stage its mighty tuff 2 sell off that swamp land in FL ukno

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