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NoGodForMe 03-23-2016 15:07


Originally Posted by MC Hamster (Post 18545125)
I'd go off and make it official and form a new party and take with him those that will come. Sounds like he'd be a significant force for both majors to have to negotiate with.

This. Too late for this election, but the Tea Party should have created the "Conservative" party from the start. Candidates running as Independent or Libertarian only get 2% of the vote, and they are not invited to the debates.

Have you heard from the Libertarian or Independent candidate for president? No, and that's the problem, they are invisible until the election. Those two parties should be holding their own debates, even if the media doesn't cover it, and convention at a major city.

Trump needed all the exposure running as a Republican. But now he could probably break off and the support would still be there, especially if they do a brokered convention.

MC Hamster 03-23-2016 17:01

Wait.. NGFM is agreeing with me.

Sorry folks, I'm wrong.

MasterGnr 03-23-2016 17:43


Originally Posted by MadHatSam (Post 18545130)
Except that they already do whatever they want in many ways, and even the hardliners want a more cosmopolitan and civilized middle east compared to what the Saudi's and Jews want for the region.

Developing and maintaining a nuclear arsenal is expensive, sure some crazies still want it, but overall it is in Iran's national interest to use the potential development of one as leverage which is cheaper and more effective than actually developing one.

My fear isn't that they make and maintain it for themselves, but rather their support for known terrorist organizations and the possibility of them sharing either a suitcase nuke or nuclear material for dirty bombs.

They hold our sailors, our citizens, and we do nothing but in return we lift sanctions. **** that.

If you believe that moderates will ever run Iran, you live in fairytale land.

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Reggs 03-23-2016 18:10

The "tea party" was never really a party. It's similar to the 99% and liberals. They unify around one vague idea, but it's pretty aimless and attracts a lot of crazies. The vague ideas of the tea party fit right in the more well established, and more serious libertarian party and the vague ideas of the 99% are more in line with socialism, but that's not cool and trendy enough to associate with.

JoMo 03-23-2016 18:13

The tea party Senators and Reps became establishment as soon as they hit DC. Rubio was one of them. Rubio lost because of the Gang of 8 amnesty bill, which many tea party folks (who put him into office) saw as a betrayal.

JoMo 03-23-2016 18:22

Harry Reid (keep in mind this guy got his ass kicked by an exercise machine):

MC Hamster 03-23-2016 18:24

True (the "Tea Party isn't a party" thing,) but there's plenty that identify as "Tea Partiers". As much as I doubt his international diplomatic credentials, what I will certainly credit The Donald with is the charisma and backing that could actually get a new party established and going, and he's grabbed the attention and support of a fair chunk of the voter base... enough to really force a reaction from them.

JoMo 03-23-2016 18:26

Haha, Cruz is so damn rehearsed............

Donald J. Trump ***8207;@realDonaldTrump

Lyin***8217; Ted Cruz steals foreign policy from me, and lines from Michael Douglas***8212; just another dishonest politician.

Dangerdoggie 03-23-2016 19:01

kiddie creeper, booger eating ted on the warpath.

someone should spill the beans on what he's been doing with his daughter.

JoMo 03-23-2016 23:59

CapnPyro 03-24-2016 00:00

naptown 03-24-2016 00:10

trumps 757 is unreal

the entire documentary about his jet on smth chan is insane

ill settle 4 a g650er tho

JoMo 03-24-2016 00:11

lol Trump is retweeting pictures of Heidi and Melania side by side, he's gonna get called out for saying Heidi is ugly.

Pirate Steve 03-24-2016 00:27

left side looks like a man

Vanster 03-24-2016 02:15


Originally Posted by naptown (Post 18545376)
trumps 757 is unreal

the entire documentary about his jet on smth chan is insane

ArakAtak 03-24-2016 02:22


arsin 03-24-2016 08:23


Originally Posted by Reggs (Post 18544302)
... I think it's fine is Israel gets heavy handed with Palestine and takes their land.

With that attitude I'm sure you appreciate why various (all?) European countries at one time found it necessary to persecute Jews.

Btw why should the Jews get Palestinian lands? How do you justify this?

Reggs 03-24-2016 08:28


Originally Posted by arsin (Post 18545439)
Btw why should the Jews get Palestinian lands? How do you justify this?

Is it really that different from Native Americans? You have a small hostile people constantly harassing you and killing your children and they refuse to stop under any circumstance. Should you put up with this forever?

It's absolutely ridiculous that Israel will make telephone calls and use "roof thumpers" before they bomb the **** out of buildings known to have terrorists or weapons caches.

arsin 03-24-2016 08:42

You've been drinking the koolaid from your Zionist inspired brethren in the media for far too long.

Here's the reality of the rocket fire at ****-held Sederot, just outside of Gaza where many of the rockets are landing:

And ***8211; a drawing in of breath is now perhaps required ***8211; the people who lived in Sederot in early 1948 were not Israelis, but Palestinian Arabs. Their village was called Huj. Nor were they enemies of Israel. Two years earlier, these same Arabs had actually hidden Jewish Haganah fighters from the British Army. But when the Israeli army turned up at Huj on 31 May 1948, they expelled all the Arab villagers ***8211; to the Gaza Strip! Refugees, they became. David Ben Gurion (Israel***8217;s first Prime Minister) called it an ***8220;unjust and unjustified action***8221;. Too bad. The Palestinians of Huj were never allowed back.

And today, well over 6,000 descendants of the Palestinians from Huj ***8211; now Sederot ***8211; live in the squalor of Gaza, among the ***8220;terrorists***8221; Israel is claiming to destroy and who are shooting at what was Huj. Interesting story.
And no, ****ing over the Natives doesn't justify ****ing the Palestinians.

arsin 03-24-2016 08:50


Originally Posted by Reggs (Post 18544329)
They had nuclear warheads there pointed right at us and you want to close Guantanamo to "be nice" or something. I don't even know if you're sure what reasons you think it should close. Cuba should be giving us more land to open up to them. Our good grace is the only thing that's going to keep them from living in squalor for the next 100 years. We don't owe them anything.

You'r a myoptic mofo.

The Russians moved missiles close to America in response to the Military of the United States of America moving missiles to the border of Russia and Turkey.

horse/cart etc.

Fun Fact:
The Japanese were in serious peace negotiations with them thar united States of America BEFORE the nukes were dropped.

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