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KingSobieski 03-08-2016 21:40

If Hitler won WW2 we would be comparing enemies of the state to FDR or Churchhill.

[N]PRIME189 03-08-2016 21:49

Ty Luis CucK

Trump trump trump train keeps on rolling

Reggs 03-08-2016 21:53

Never knew Louis CK was so low energy. I'm very disappointed.

Brasstax 03-08-2016 21:54

Awww po po Louis. **** everyone one in DC and **** you too.

Brasstax 03-08-2016 21:57


Originally Posted by bowl of blood (Post 18538755)
we desperately need a shorter election cycle

the entire year spent panic-****ting over a bunch of goddamn tv rhetoric sloganeering and complementary hjs is an entire year i can't even find news on the news

two weeks would be plenty

We all need to get together and vote out the incumbent every 4 years as well. Think of the benefits.

KingSobieski 03-08-2016 22:03

Let us dispel the myth that Louis C K doesn't know how to be funny

bowl of blood 03-08-2016 22:08


Originally Posted by Brasstax (Post 18538823)
We all need to get together and vote out the incumbent every 4 years as well. Think of the benefits.

no don't worry i'm well aware you're the type that has no clue about issues and votes for the candidate with the biggest "chutzpah"

you and your generation have ****ed america enough, time to go die

TAA WAR 03-08-2016 22:39

Darn guys, I better vote for Hillary now.

When you see the damn alternatives, it makes Trump look like a miracle worker. That is what these cucks don't understand. The reality is most people are voting against Hillary not for Trump.

CapnPyro 03-08-2016 22:42

bowl of blood 03-08-2016 22:44

last i checked hillary is not a candidate in the republican primary

i have the flu and haven't been able to sleep for over 24 hours, the ****posting will never stop

TAA WAR 03-08-2016 22:52

Its going to be Trump vs Hillary.

bowl of blood 03-08-2016 22:58

the entire point of op was "vote kasich"... not seeing how trump > hillary implies trump > kasich

CapnPyro 03-08-2016 23:03

kasich is a good dude, he wants to start a war with russia, so maybe he remembers the cold war more fondly than most of us but he's a good dude

bowl of blood 03-08-2016 23:05

it might be fun watching russias planes fall apart in the sky

ArakAtak 03-09-2016 00:02


Originally Posted by KingSobieski (Post 18538815)
If Hitler won WW2 we would be comparing enemies of the state to FDR or Churchhill.

yeah and we would have big freeways with no speed limits

Hollywood, the media and the banking system may look a little different though.

burtrennalds 03-09-2016 00:03


Originally Posted by [N]PRIME189 (Post 18538564)
Luis C Cuck

Pirate Steve 03-09-2016 00:15

the people that are now getting paid to come out against trump look pathetic and desperate.

absent 03-09-2016 00:17


Originally Posted by starwolf_nexus (Post 18538582)
Louis CK a Jew

Ding ding ding. Jews are very attuned to racial matters. Even a simpleton comedian jew like Louis CK can see that the attention Trump is getting is basically the White head gasping for air in a sea of ******s and mexi****s while jews like Louie there try to push it back underwater.

StapleMammal1 03-09-2016 00:19


Tuesday, March 8, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Jupiter, FL at Trump National Golf Club. The event took place right after Mr. Trump was declared the winner of the Republican Primaries in Michigan and Mississippi.

Greedo909 03-09-2016 00:31


Originally Posted by Data (Post 18538781)
I like LCK, he's a funny mother****er. But I don't take political advice from comedians. He goes full on Godwin's Law in the third sentence and I'm not supposed to be rolling my eyes this hard? ***** please...

Still a funny mother****er.

There are some comedians that offer insightful political commentary--George Carlin comes to mind. Carlin was above petty political posturing and punditry. LCK is just regurgitating what every other Trump hater is saying while claiming not to be politically motivated.

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