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ScooBySnaCk 05-30-2016 23:13


Originally Posted by Wiglaf (Post 18581748)
Seriously, we have been at war as long as I've been alive. I voted for Obama because he said he would stop this ****.

Now there's 2 choices for us, Sanders or Johnson.
Hillary won't change a ****ing thing, and Trump wants the world to burn.

I am all for a strong President especially after this apologetic ****bag. You are being a total moron though. Strong President does not mean "he wants the world to burn". He means he will draw a line in the sand and will thump people crossing it. Looking out for the interests of Americans and strong at national security is not warmongering or racist as much as you want it to believe it.

****ing millennial whiners are sure ready to volunteer the money, freedom, and rights of others as long as it doesn't pertain to them.

Sanders is an honest politician who's heart is in the right place. He has no concept of how this will all work though and I am not ready to say yeah lets kick in more cash for MORE government and MORE social programs when they can not get their own house in order. Sanders can talk all day how tax increases will be for x y and z, then congress will come in and earmark the **** out of it. Now College FREEBE FUND v1.95b has a clause that diverted 3 billion of new tax cash right into a special pension fund.

If someone has a bad spending habit you do not kick up another credit card for them to use. They could have all these nice programs already without 1% increase anywhere.

Fool 05-30-2016 23:21

Flash 05-30-2016 23:42


Originally Posted by DealyRrunk (Post 18581767)

This is probably your best attack against Trump. The whole thing comes across very scamish. Wouldn't put it up there with breaching national security, shaming victims of sexual assault and unsubstantiated murder.

Huscarl 05-31-2016 00:22


Originally Posted by Flash (Post 18581783)
unsubstantiated murder.


coombz 05-31-2016 00:26


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18581765)
You keep using opinion pieces and articles with unsubstantiated claims.

yeah, personally i'm holding out until Wiglaf posts a totally unbiased political news article


Fool 05-31-2016 01:21

Donald Trump will win in a landslide. *The mind behind explains why. - The Washington Post

An interesting read

coombz 05-31-2016 01:36

I don't spend much time reading that kind of junk, so I can't claim to be an expert, but to me that was just another opinion piece saying what most of TW worked out months ago - Deezy Treezy is a populist who simply says whatever he thinks people want to hear

:shrug: and yea it might work

did I miss the interesting part?

Fool 05-31-2016 01:42

Shrug, I just found the basic psychology and gamesmanship parts interesting. It's obviously an opinion piece though.

Flash 05-31-2016 02:03


Originally Posted by Huscarl (Post 18581799)

Another Clinton Associate Found DEAD, Bill s Body Count Increases! - The Political Insider

JoMo 05-31-2016 02:11

Scott Adams has been on top of things. He seems to know his persuasion and how Trump is creating a vision by creating and controlling the narrative. The 'woman card' largely fell flat for Hillary since the 'card' they used reminded people of the bathroom since it used the female bathroom icon, and in the bathroom you find the toilet and generally disgusting things so you associate Hillary with a disgusting bathroom.

JoMo 05-31-2016 02:19

In other news, Gary Johnson is a douche.

Gary Johnson Shoots Himself in the Foot: Throws Out Austin Petersen's gun

As a token of good faith, Austin gave Johnson a replica of George Washington***8217;s flintlock pistol, to let him know that he has Austin***8217;s full support in the general election. Tearing up on the front stage of the convention floor, Austin said to Gary as he presented him with the pistol, ***8220;You have my sword, and you have my gun.***8221;

Fool 05-31-2016 02:39

dang he doesn't stand a chance in the general now

Huscarl 05-31-2016 02:59

Yes, this is the defining moment where Gary Johnson lost his general election viability.

Dangerdoggie 05-31-2016 03:03

Like he had any to begin with.

Dangerdoggie 05-31-2016 03:24

Rob Lowe gets TRASHED for recommending ’13 Hours’ as a ‘perfect #MemorialDay movie’

Huscarl 05-31-2016 03:29

Can someone explain how Hillary's Benghazi/email scandals cause Trump to be a good potential president?

StapleMammal1 05-31-2016 03:39


Originally Posted by JuggerNaught (Post 18581751)
What exactly makes him a ****bag?

For wanting to build up our military is one reason.

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Dangerdoggie 05-31-2016 04:24


Originally Posted by Huscarl (Post 18581851)
Can someone explain how Hillary's Benghazi/email scandals cause Trump to be a good potential president?

Trump seems to be pretty high energy, says he doesn't need much sleep so I bet he would take that "3 A.M. Phone Call". (**** started hitting the fan in Benghazi at around 3:40 pm Eastern Time).

Has Donald Trump Ever Used a Computer?

Trump doesn't seem to use email, questionable if he even uses a computer and as President I doubt that would change. He most likely would have better things to do with his time than spend it circumventing laws.


Journalist Carl Bernstein says that Clinton "set up a home brew server for purposes of evading the Freedom of Information Act, evading subpoenas from Congress, that's its real purpose, to not have accountability, to not have transparency." He alleges, "if you talk to people around the Clinton campaign very quietly, they will acknowledge to you, if you are a reporter who knows some of the background, that this is the purpose of it.

ArakAtak 05-31-2016 06:32

email and computers are one of the biggest non productive time sinks ever introduced

which is ironic considering how much time they should save

ArakAtak 05-31-2016 06:44

OH lel - From that article by Scott Adams


Trump is well on his way to owning the identities of American, Alpha Males, and Women Who Like Alpha Males. Clinton is well on her way to owning the identities of angry women, beta males, immigrants, and disenfranchised minorities.

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