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Captain Tele 11-14-2016 15:32


Originally Posted by NightTrain (Post 18674199)
Im going to need some coloring books and play-doh to deal with all this corruption

"Tolerant" Educators Exile Trump Voters From Campus


Student Daniel Tancredi reported that the people who attended were “fearful” about the results of the election.
“For the most part, students just hung out and ate snacks and made small talk,” Tancredi told The College Fix. “Of course, that was in addition to coloring and playing with the animals.”

As the event took place, students — roughly 20 or so, according to the Sun’s video — wrote their reactions and emotions on poster boards with colored markers, or with chalk on the ground. A chilly day on the Ithaca campus, at one point the demonstrators huddled together as what appeared to be a barista brought them warm drinks. Several adults, most likely professors, stood around the group. The event appeared to take on the atmosphere of a funeral wake.
ben carson going to ruin education in this country


cael 11-14-2016 15:32


When CNN's Drew Griffin asked why he takes it when there is no proof that the product works, Carson said, "It may not. And all I say is that I take it and I almost never get sick anymore and I used to get sick a lot. So I like it."

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 15:35

but seriously...i don't care for ben carson either. nice enough guy ....... but not much else going for him. maybe let him be in charge of handing college kids their play dohhhhhhhh in college and administering nap time

for the rest of you......this is what white people deserve

cael 11-14-2016 15:37

finally gonna get someone who stands up for creation science in washington


Carson decried the Big Bang theory and asserted that Darwin's theory of evolution was "encouraged" by Satan.
god bless this gorgeous man

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 15:39

escaping dumb is hard to do

good thing not even big ben cant ruin education in what we call glorified day care today

we are all deniers of something

cael 11-14-2016 15:42

praise be! make this guy secretary of education stat

Greedo909 11-14-2016 16:05

PIERS MORGAN: The award for the worst election loser goes to every millionaire celebrity

Fool 11-14-2016 16:09

Piers Morgan lost celebrity apprentice

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 16:12

and celebrity status

and citizenship to any country since nobody wants him

[MD5]Hash 11-14-2016 16:13

Odio 11-14-2016 16:14

All I know about Piers Morgan is that he loves vaccines but not enough to let alex jones pay him a million dollars to get 1000 of them over two weeks.

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 16:15

1776 Has Commenced Again


Originally Posted by [MD5]Hash (Post 18674227)

every single time i get sad, my favorite team loses a big game, i am going to watch this to make myself feel better about the world again

JustinCase 11-14-2016 16:33


Originally Posted by [MD5]Hash (Post 18674227)

possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen

Vir 11-14-2016 16:37

According to that female thing, people never said anything racist till Trump came along

Dangerdoggie 11-14-2016 16:44


Originally Posted by Denver (Post 18674009)
I would also be disappointed if he didn't #lockherup and #draintheswamp
although I still don't understand what #drainstehswamp refers to :D
Swamps are important part of ecosystem, they not only clean drain waters but also provide a home for unique flora&fauna.
#savetheswamps !

Walt Disney drained the swamp and built the happiest place on earth*

*except for that kid that got gobbled up by an alligator

Fool 11-14-2016 16:44

Lost it at Ana "New Nose" Kasparian

Captain Tele 11-14-2016 16:46


Comrade Stump ***8207;@CantStumpTrump1 5h5 hours ago
Donald J. Trump ****posted his way to the presidency and there is nothing that the left can do about it.

Fool 11-14-2016 16:49

He's using an Apple product? **** Trump.

Rooster128 11-14-2016 16:55

Irrelevent to any recent post, just posting because is funny hehe

JoMo 11-14-2016 16:57


Woman Cards Now Half-Price at | The Weekly Standard

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