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beep boop 11-12-2016 16:09

no odio, norcal gets its water from colorado

beep boop 11-12-2016 16:11

we are first in succession but often have to go through drought cus of la

beep boop 11-12-2016 16:12

money, and pipelines play a big part

beep boop 11-12-2016 16:13

we recently stopped a huge pipeline to la

beep boop 11-12-2016 16:14

cus we said **** u to big money

KingSobieski 11-12-2016 16:15

maybe if they didn't built a big god damned city in the middle of a ****ing desert then it wouldn't need so much water.

seriously, it's mid november and its 95 degrees outside

havax 11-12-2016 16:15

hey duff, buddy, you can say multiple lines of thought on one post before you hit the submit button, ya know.

MadHatSam 11-12-2016 16:16


Originally Posted by beep boop (Post 18673037)
socal would be a desert if not for some shady dealings illustrated in chinatown

and roger rabbit

Nah we building a bunch of poop to tap plants

Next up is making Soylent out of actual people instead of whatever almond meal it is now.

Make Soylent great again.

[MD5]Hash 11-12-2016 16:16

**** it, let global warming do it's ****, Cali ends up under the ****ing ocean, midwest becomes a tropical paradise. Sounds like a reasonable plan.

beep boop 11-12-2016 16:16

socal needs to invest in desalination plants. which they got one coming

beep boop 11-12-2016 16:17

yes i know this havax

KingSobieski 11-12-2016 16:17

how come all these people in socal drive priuses and are into health **** and whatever and the very location of their home is a #1 cause of global warming. no water, A/C all year long etc. it's a terrible place to put a massive city. KY is 10x the state compared to CA. We got fresh water, cool air, plenty of nature etc. CA is a cesspool of humanity. All the asians r p hot but that's about it.

havax 11-12-2016 16:17


beep boop 11-12-2016 16:18

also, u dont need to see my sig on every line.

Edofnor 11-12-2016 16:19

lmao u have yolo and butt counties

MadHatSam 11-12-2016 16:19

Poseidon is up and running in Carlsbad already. Only took 10 years to get built.

Coastal Commission should be the first up against the wall in Trump's America.

beep boop 11-12-2016 16:19

just sayin

Odio 11-12-2016 16:19

duff on his way to #1 post count in thread. better get it locked and hoffed fast.

beep boop 11-12-2016 16:20


Originally Posted by Edofnor (Post 18673054)
lmao u have yolo and butt counties

dude thats almost an accurate statement
replace butt with butte tho

but im sure u knew that

MadHatSam 11-12-2016 16:25

Most of Yolo county is butt though.

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