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Odio 11-10-2016 18:55

O'bama going down too.

Animo 11-10-2016 18:59

Leaked assignments!!!'

Secretary of CyberSecurity - Julian Assange
Secretary of Transportation- Chis Christie
Social Chair - Jeb Bush

chaiwalla 11-10-2016 19:00

**** fat **** christie he corrupt 2

rest looks great

JoMo 11-10-2016 19:01

But Christie really really needs a job, because he won't have one soon.

Milk-Man 11-10-2016 19:05

I don't have FB but my wife keeps reading me all these impassioned posts from hers. Her rich clients, talking about how they haven't gotten out of bed since and that they can't stop sobbing. I nearly posted one of them that was just un-****ing-believable but I just can't bring myself to do it.

-SS- 11-10-2016 19:09


Originally Posted by Vanster (Post 18671768)
I think the point is that the people have spoken, and so has the electoral college.

I was wrong about Trump at every single turn. When he first came down that escalator, I thought it was a stunt; I never believed he was really running. When Republican moderates dropped out of the race, giving him the GOP nomination, I was shocked-- I was wrong there also. Now that this has happened, I have to accept that it's actually me that is out of touch with what Americans want, and the kind of people they are. I had no idea at all, that the race would be this close, and never dreamed it would end the way it has.

I've felt a lot of things the last 2 days: fear is the biggest one, but some sadness and a little anger. I recognize that those same emotions are what prompted white America to come out in droves and elect this man, and it would be stupid and selfish of me to think that my emotions are somehow more authentic, more important than those that voted for the winner.

+ rep

Finally. If only the rest of your ilk had this maturity. Glad to see your hubris change to humility.

cael 11-10-2016 19:11

lmao a post about maturity and humility from SS of all people

-SS- 11-10-2016 19:13

I'm a great person


Hellsfury 11-10-2016 19:15


Originally Posted by Animo (Post 18671855)
A female just told me I have a lot in common with Trump.

She might be right.


Was this before, or after you grabbed her by the *****?

OneManArmy 11-10-2016 19:18

No source posted about trump not holding HRC to the fire.

On said subject, I hope he puts his foot on her neck while making her eat a curb.

TheVoiceOfReason 11-10-2016 19:19

Then this:

and a little look back found this:

Milk-Man 11-10-2016 19:29


[MD5]Hash 11-10-2016 19:36


Originally Posted by Vanster (Post 18671768)
I've felt a lot of things the last 2 days: fear is the biggest one, but some sadness and a little anger. I recognize that those same emotions are what prompted white America to come out in droves and elect this man, and it would be stupid and selfish of me to think that my emotions are somehow more authentic, more important than those that voted for the winner.

I can't honestly say I know what the next four years will bring to this country, good or bad, it's been a bumpy road the past 16 years anyways. I will say this; I voted against Democrats in the last 4 major elections because they don't represent the values that I hold to be true in what's good for our country.

When Obama ran with the pretense that he was going to provide healthcare for all Americans, I was opposed to it. It wasn't because I didn't want healthcare, it wasn't because I didn't want healthcare for anyone else, it was because the importance of earning something will always outweigh what can be given. Goodwill towards men is sterilized of all meaning and scope when it's pulled from the hands of the people and dolled out by a government who uses it as leverage to maintain a deathgrip on the rest of us.

But when my vote ultimately didn't count, I had to sit down and buckle up as the healthcare my employer provided, which was amazing health insurance, was taken from me because it didn't meet the government prescribed narrative of what healthcare should include, and therefore couldn't be offered to me as an employee. Something my employer was proud to provide, and something I was proud to work for, was taken away from us by the government that insisted that I take the prescribed governmental regulation of the new face of healthcare, and go on to the public exchange.

Unfortunately, I fell into the deadzone of healthcare recipients on the public exchange, I would now have to pony up nearly 2.5 times over what I was paying out of pocket before for LESS coverage. I simply couldn't afford the government's assuredly 'free healthcare' option. So I've paid a fine, year over year, because I don't qualify for the government's option, and I can't afford to pay what they want me to pay, despite their cost offset bull****.

So for the past 8 years I've had to pray to god that I don't get any actual sickness and that I don't find myself critically injured because in the wake of Obamacare since inception, I've been walking a very fine line of 'playing it safe', because if the worst does happen, I am ****ed beyond reproach.

Obama touted 'wealth redistribution', but the only wealth redistribution I've noticed was taking from those that are fighting for and working the hardest for it, and giving it those that don't even want to work.


There are things I'm going to spend less time doing as well. I'm not going to be nearly as confident and gloating, thinking I'm in some kind of great majority. I'm in a very very small majority, so close that you might not even call it that. The country is divided nearly half, and I intend to spend less time acting like my ideals are holier than someone elses. I also intend to spend less time here if any at all; it doesn't make other people happy, and it doesn't make me happy. The GIF's from Tombstone that are sure to follow can be enjoyed by others; I won't see them. I hope the people that consider themselves my enemies here understand that I never hope ill for any of them.
It's going to be an interesting walk down a new road for all of us. Take note of what you're getting to be part of, for better or worse, because it's going to be new for all of us. We've all been lied to, by the media, but pundits near and far, by the bull**** we buy into from celebrities and people who we put our own personal opinions on everything in line with.

The Left is on suicide watch, and the Right is wondering how deep this rabbit hole is going to go. No one knows what's going to happen. It's time we cut through the bull****, the blame game, the name calling, the false-flag narrative of young activists, and hold the Left by the ****ing balls and remind them that if they want any meaningful change, if what they believe is true (and 99% of it is straight up pure bull****), then they better be willing to put themselves on the front line of solving those problems, rather than perpetuating it.

Flipp 11-10-2016 19:36

hopeful dat sum1 hang her w/her own hijab smdh lol :jester:

Ztir 11-10-2016 19:42

Ya basic access to healthcare so u don't die or have major life impacting consequences from preventable causes is definitely not a good thing

Ps obamacare sucks but when u ppl talk about a basic necessity like that as if only people privileged enough to have jobs that can pay for healthcare costs I :lolwut:

havax 11-10-2016 19:50

the problem with the entitled generation is that they believe they are entitled to good health and luxury.

life is hard. life is do or die. life is not do nothing and get everything handed to you.

the american way of life has truly blinded a lot of people. it's too easy on you. and that's a good thing, but some of you ****ers have NO idea how good you actually have it. especially these ****ing marching cucks that are doing everything to destroy democracy.

Dangerdoggie 11-10-2016 19:53


Originally Posted by Odio (Post 18671861)
O'bama going down too.

I doubt it, we're going to have to get used to "Presidential" Trump from here on out. That guy that everyone chanted "Lock her up!" and "Build the wall" etc to isn't going to make any more inflammatory statements.

Things are going to get very subdued going forward.

Captain Tele 11-10-2016 20:14


Originally Posted by SuicideSnowman (Post 18671854)
He's not even president yet and dumbasses like Got Haggis are like "HE'S TURNING BACK ON THE HILLARY PROSECUTION". Reminds me of when he met with the president of Mexico and because the president of Mexico didn't immediately come out to say "we're paying for the wall" everybody was like "TRUMP BACKED DOWN".

As if he's seriously going to address or even talk about things like that when he's still in the process of transitioning.

notice how fast they are trying to point at the economy too?

the great recovery as they called it under Owebama a week ago

these ****ing clowns are so dishonest and they know it

wish we had one for krugman too

Zulu 11-10-2016 20:18

What page is that usando internet animated gif on. That was some funny ****.

Vir 11-10-2016 20:25

protesters are getting beat up on tv

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