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Rayn 11-08-2016 22:25

This is pretty hilarious

Brasstax 11-08-2016 22:26

This is ****ing awesome. Love this country. Hey DC - take a good look at this giant orange middle finger.

JoMo 11-08-2016 22:26

Ohio went Trump big league!

PA may go Trump and Michigan may go Trump.

Paladin-5 11-08-2016 22:26

just lost colorado


but won ohio

Vir 11-08-2016 22:26

PA going trump would be nice, that's the one republicans always go for but can never get

slogg 11-08-2016 22:27

steam rolled ohio g damn

sry about the WS ohio youre alright in my books

Captain Tele 11-08-2016 22:28


Originally Posted by Wiglaf (Post 18669361)
How trump is getting more than 10% anywhere is beyond me. You guys just love to get **** on by assholes.

not everyone likes female felons as much as you do wiggles


Flash 11-08-2016 22:29

wiglafs safe space is being invaded.

KingSobieski 11-08-2016 22:29

if trump turns MI he can lose PA np. FL is key - def need.'

meltdown on CNN is awesome.


this whole thing was so so so so so worth it

Captain Tele 11-08-2016 22:29


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18669368)
I think they only had time to 'legalize' 60,000 felons in VA.

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Gov. Pardons 60,000 Felons, Enough To Swing Election

not sure how i forgot about this game changer

JoMo 11-08-2016 22:30

Jay Z failed to do his job in Ohio... and PA may go Trump because her big concert blowout there didn't get people voting.

Brasstax 11-08-2016 22:30

I am looking forward to some hollywood ****s moving out of the country too.

Vir 11-08-2016 22:31

rachel maddow is feeling the pain

KingSobieski 11-08-2016 22:32

o fuk i forgot about that ****. she'll blow her retarded brains all over a bathroom stall

NightTrain 11-08-2016 22:32

NYT started the night with Clinton at 84% to win. Now they have Trump at 87%. Crazy

Eggi 11-08-2016 22:32

not looking good for clinton. or america. she needs to win michigan

Leonidas Tzu 11-08-2016 22:32

this is over. god, this is terrifying.

like hey dudes we're all in the same boat but let's put a bullet in the bottom of it 'cause we done pissed off and tired of staying afloat. i hope i'm wrong, but ****ing christ this is incomprehensible.

(btw, voted romney last election).

-SS- 11-08-2016 22:32


Originally Posted by Vanster (Post 18669319)
Is this the post you'd like to be in my signature starting tomorrow?
I'm shopping.

By all means, go right ahead.

I like that I live in your mind rent free, *****.


The Magical Zoo 11-08-2016 22:33

I can't believe this is happening.

Brasstax 11-08-2016 22:33

Half the women in the country are getting ready to hide their ***** and the other half is sticking it out.

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